Winter 2022/2023: Snowfall record possible – Arctic cold wave shock freezes USA and Canada

Winter 2022/2023: Snowfall record possible - Arctic cold wave shock freezes USA and Canada

Severe cold has gripped large parts of North America

Starting with a strong low, cold air is moving south in a strong northwesterly flow across Canada, the Midwest and the Great Lakes, reaching the East Coast over the weekend and into early next week. And while the cold comes relatively rarely with light frosts on the coast, things are quite different inland. Double-digit low zen in Iowa, Illinois or Ohio -20 degrees or less. And it’s easily around -10 degrees or below, even in big cities like Chicago.

Reading Tip: Thus winter develops in Germany by the end of November.

At the same time, Pscherer “partly on strong to gale wind” There. This affects the perception of cold. Because the stronger the wind, the more coolness is felt on the skin. So-called wind chill temperatures are often -15 to -20 degrees in the morning, giving the example of the Chicago metropolitan area. Even less in the surrounding area. And in the days to come, Mother Hole will not skimp either.

Weather dictionary check: All About Wind Chill Temperatures

Forecast and Forecast: Snow in the US and Canada this weekend

Snow is a big issue again

Because something special is happening around the Great Lakes. This is where high arctic air and a lot of water surface meet. The result is the emergence of clear and rather locally confined snow fields, which can be difficult.

In part due to the effect of Lake Pscherer, weather computer forecasts see 30 to 60 centimeters of fresh snow — and even more in places along the same drift. A very violent foreshadowing of the actual winter, which is sure to bring some extreme weather conditions in the land of limitless possibilities.

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In Buffalo, at the eastern end of Lake Erie, 142 cm (56.1 in) was measured during three days of heavy snowfall in 2001, according to the German Weather Service. The current snowfall may even exceed this record.

Weather maps for Germany, Europe and around the world

The temperature in the forecast is shown at a height of a few kilometers. The more evenly connected the blue, i.e. colder, region, the stronger it is polar cyclone, If, on the other hand, larger gaps and lighter inclusions are calculated in the direction of the north pole, the vortex is more unstable. In a polar vortex split, the blue region splits into two.

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