With milk, however, the effect is said to be lost.

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If you want to benefit from the healthy effects of coffee on your health, you should drink it without milk in the future. However, milk substitutes are not a problem.

Coffee is not only the favorite drink of Germans, but it is also good for your health. also need coffee helps you lose weightBy promoting fat burning. However, the coffee diet should only work if you enjoy it. Excludes additives like sugar or milk, The situation is similar with the positive effect on health of coffee. It is said that it gets destroyed by mixing milk.

Coffee is healthy: It has a positive effect on the risk of diabetes, cancer and other diseases

According to physician and nutritionist Dr. According to Michael Gregor, a shot of milk roughly halves the positive effects of coffee. © Anna_Omelchenko / IMAGO

Coffee can not only make the day start easier, but can also reduce the risk of cancer either diabetes Reduce. According to the German Diabetes Aid, coffee consumption may have a protective effect on type 2 diabetes in carriers of a variant of the TCF7L2 gene, which increases the risk of diabetes. In addition to caffeine, the popular pick-me-up contains a number of biologically active plant substances. Thus, regular coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk strokeHeart disease, Parkinson’s disease, liver cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

It is also said to have a positive effect on mortality risk. On the other hand However, a nutritionist warns of its ill effects on the aging process., This in turn may be exacerbated by some coffee habits. Does coffee spread its positive effects on health, mainly depends on the amount of intoxication, According to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), this is a maximum spread of three to four cups a day. However, those who do not drink it black and add milk instead negate its positive effects.

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Coffee is healthy: with milk, however, the effect is said to be lost.

Nutritionist Dr. Michael Gregor explains aloud star onlineThat milk inhibits the absorption of the phytonutrients responsible for the positive effects. What does it mean Milk protein, which binds secondary plant substances. According to the doctor, the more milk is added, the less is the antioxidant effect of the coffee. A single shot of milk almost halves the effect. Although the situation is different milk substitutes such as oat, almond or rice milk, They can be easily drunk in coffee.

This article contains only general information on a related health topic and is therefore not intended for self-diagnosis, treatment or medicine. In no way does it take the place of going to the doctor. Unfortunately, our editors are not permitted to answer individual questions about clinical images.

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