Woman cries in front of dogs: Animal reaction is shocking

Woman cries in front of dogs: Animal reaction is shocking

What do dogs do when their mistress cries? A TikTok clip can answer this.

Canada – Successful experiment! Canadian owner Natasha wanted to know how her dogs would react if she suddenly started crying.

Natasha got her dogs tested – and was happy. (image montage) © tiktok / screenshots / t.dot.hope

For her effort, the young woman filmed her two four-legged friends, who were simply indifferently playing in their baskets. Natasha uploaded the video and results to her TikTok account “t.dot.asha” in late October.

The clip shows two dogs, Princess and Pixie, who are initially only concerned about themselves. Both are seen ignoring the cry of their mistress. But when it is another night, both animals react as if lightning struck.

Synchronously, the two furry noses look at the mistress anxiously, thinking for a brief moment before they both move in their direction – possibly to help her.

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At the same time, Natasha’s artificial cry turns into a happy laugh. Then, unfortunately, the video suddenly stops.

However, this did not hurt the success. So far 8.8 million users have clicked on work. Liked by 1.2 million people.

At first the dogs can't see anything.  but then they quickly run away "Weeping" Mistress.  (image montage)

At first the dogs can’t see anything. But then they quickly ran to the “crying” mistress. (image montage) © tiktok / screenshots / t.dot.hope

In addition, there were over 15,000 comments. Many users threw small heart emojis around and praised the dogs’ empathy skills.

However, there were also critical voices. For example, a user from the German-speaking region made a bad accusation against Natasha, accusing her of only changing her voice.

The theory of TikTok: Natasha called the dogs as usual, then removed the audio track and replaced it with another audio track with the noise of the wine.

Woman treats dog: the echo is surprising
Woman treats dog: the echo is surprising

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. Nevertheless, there is some evidence that the video available here is not fake.

Because the study done in 2018 Learning and Behavior Journal The ongoing studies showed that dogs are not only desperate when they hear their owners cries, but they are also trying to do something to help.

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