World AIDS Day 2022 – AIDS Hilfe Wien and Wiener Linien say: “End discrimination against HIV positive people”

World AIDS Day 2022 - AIDS Hilfe Wien and Wiener Linien say: "End discrimination against HIV positive people"

From November 24 to December 8, 2022, all trams in Vienna will run with flags that show the AIDS Hilfe Wien logo with a “red ribbon”.

Vienna (OTS) , AIDS Hilfe Wien, together with Wiener Linien, campaigns against stigma and discrimination against HIV-positive people.

It is important to know: Due to medical advances and the availability of effective antiretroviral treatments, living with HIV in Austria can be shaped well and healthily. Work, relationships, parenting – all of these are normal and natural with effective therapy.

The reduction in the quality of life of HIV-positive people through devaluation and discrimination will actually cause much more problems in 2022 than the minor health restrictions that could result from effective treatment for HIV infection.

That’s why AIDS Hilfe Wien is calling on people to display ribbons against the exclusion and unequal treatment of HIV-positive people on World AIDS Day on 1 December. information under

The “Red Ribbon” symbol is a symbol of solidarity with HIV-positive people. And this solidarity is urgently needed today. Because HIV positive people still experience discrimination and exclusion. That’s why we’re making the topic of HIV accessible to everyone. Visible on the streets of Vienna. Perfectly in line with the motto that UNAIDS is promoting for World AIDS Day this year. I am very happy that the flag campaign is being run again this year in collaboration with Wiener Linien. And I would like to thank in this context all the institutions and companies that support ‘their’ tram line”. insists Andrea Brunner, managing director of AIDS Hilf Wien.

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“The Wiener Linien stands for tolerance and solidarity in practice. With the flags on more than 500 of our trams, we are also sending a visible signal against fair cooperation and discrimination.” says Alexandra Reinagel, managing director of Wiener Linien.

what does it take

It is about reducing prejudice and discrimination on the one hand and providing information about HIV/AIDS on the other. Activities around World AIDS Day, such as the flag campaign with Wiener Linien, contribute significantly to raising awareness to ultimately reduce discrimination regarding HIV.

AIDS Hilfe Vein contributes to reducing new HIV infections through targeted prevention, enabling anonymous and free HIV tests and supporting people with HIV/AIDS with an interdisciplinary team of experts. Several activities have been planned around World AIDS Day on 1 December. All campaigns and supporters of tram lines can be found here:

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