WWDC 2022: iPadOS 16 | ZDNet.de

WWDC 2022: iPadOS 16 |  ZDNet.de

The new version of the tablet operating system iPadOS 16 brings better multitasking, weather apps, and support for external displays to the iPad.

Apple is with ipad os 16 Finally added features that are many ipadProfessionals want. First, Apple has finally brought a weather app to the iPad. Something that everyone who has owned an iPad has boggled their minds, wondering why it doesn’t exist. In addition to the Weather app, iPadOS 16 will also get all the new features that Apple announced for the iPhone in iOS 16, such as new iMessage features,

With the new collaboration feature, you can share a document and work on the document instantly with everyone in the group. For example, if you’re chatting with a group of coworkers in iMessage, you can send a Page or main document to the group and make real-time changes to the document as a group. The same approach to group collaboration works during a FaceTime video call, which involves sharing tabs in Safari.

Freeform has a new app due out later this year. Apple has previewed the app, which looks like a shared virtual whiteboard that allows users to draw, sketch, or jot down ideas and notes during a group FaceTime call. You can embed photos, videos, audio files, links or – basically – any type of media directly into the app. Freeform will also be available for iPhone and Mac later this year.

GameCenter is also getting a number of updates that make Apple’s gaming platform more social, showing you what your friends are playing and their scores, and making it easier to start games with your friends.

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But perhaps the biggest announcement about iPadOS 16 is that Apple is focused on bringing desktop-class apps to the iPad by improving various aspects of the overall experience. For example, you can now customize the toolbar in apps, or there’s a system-wide undo/redo function.

Stage Manager is a feature that is making its debut on iPad and Mac with this year’s software update, but it is a feature that will completely change the way power users use tablets. You can resize windows and even keep overlapping windows — a first for the iPad — while small thumbnails of open apps remain on the left side of the screen.

The iPad Pro and iPad Air, both powered by Apple’s M1 processor, now have full external display support with two separate desktops, allowing for a total of eight different app pairings.

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