WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1196 Results & Reports from Austin, Texas, USA on 06/24/2022 (including polls and video)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1145 Results and Reports from 07/30/2021 from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (including video and polling)

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1196
Location: Moody Center in Austin, Texas, USA
US Origin Airdate: June 24, 2022
Audience: About 6,300

After commentators from the new Moody Center in Austin Texas greet us for tonight’s show, we see Drew McIntyre making his way into the ring. He also asks us to bring him on SmackDown and talk a little bit about his career so far. No matter how many victories he already had, the champion defied him. So he will win the title match this year by winning the Money in the Bank match. No matter the Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, it will be Drew McIntyre. He is interrupted by the brawling brutes. Sheamus agrees that Last Man Standing would be perfect to rescue Trunks. Sheamus mentioned that he was already Mr. Money in the Bank and was able to successfully use his trunk against Roman Reigns (Survivor Series 2015). Paul Heyman interrupts them and appears on stage with Adam Pierce. There can only be one winner in a Last Man Standing match and that is Roman Reigns. Heyman insists that after his successful title defense against Brock Lesnar, Reigns is vulnerable, especially if he faces McIntyre or Sheamus. Now Heyman comes over to talk about Pierce and walks through the floor. Pierce was quick to put the two in a straight ladder match, which is why the WWE management put themselves on top of him and made the following decision. As of now, neither Sheamus nor McIntyre will be in the said match. Until both of them make a team today and win against the Usos. The Usos then comes out and poses with their titles.

As Shinsuke Nakamura enters the ring after a commercial break, the screen turns into a gorilla situation where Sami Zayn is being interviewed by Kayla Braxton. It’s going to be a great night for Bloodline. Dedicating his match to the Tribal Chief, he will win both the upcoming qualifiers and the Money in the Bank match to save Roman Reigns from the suitcase.

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1. Match
Money in the Bank Qualifier – Singles Match
Sami Zayn defeated Shinsuke Nakamura by pinfall after a helluva kick.
Match Time: 9:54

This means that Sami Zayn is now in a Men’s Money in the Bank match. Apart from them, Omos and Seth Rollins have already qualified for the match.

The New Day is now in the ring for the upcoming match. Your opponents Jinder Mahal and Shanky are also with him. The latter, of course, dances enthusiastically again. Before the match begins, the New Day grabs the microphone. After winning the first match last week, no one wants to see this appointment today. However, what the two want to see is the dancing shanky. As Shanky cheers and dances, he is interrupted by Jinder Mahal. Shanky is furious and pushes Jinder away, forcing him out of the ring. The music is interrupted by loud siren-like sounds. You can see right away that this is the beginning of Viking Raiders’ entrance music. Images of these also appear on the Titantron, disturbing the New Day and Shanky. The Raiders suddenly come into the ring from behind and start attacking the trio. The scheduled match between New Day and Jinder Mahal and Shanky will no longer take place.

We see Adam Pierce in his office, visited by Sonya Deville. She reminds us of the events of the opening segment and makes fun of Pierce. She mentions that she hasn’t had a match since she returned to SmackDown and complains that she didn’t get a qualifying match. Pierce tells her that tonight she will face Lacey Evans and Raquel Rodriguez in a handicap match.

After a commercial break, Devil entered the ring with The Company as Xia Li and Shayna Baszler.

2. Match
Money in the Bank Qualifier – Handicap Match
Raquel Rodriguez and Lacey Evans defeated Sonya Deville (w/ Shayna Baszler and Xia Lee) via pinfall by Lacey Evans after the women’s right.
Match Time: 3:07

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After the match, Devil’s all-around heels attack the winners. However, Rodriguez and Evans fight back and emerge victorious at the top.

Backstage are street profits that match Los Lotharios, Drew Gulak and Madcap Moss. Angelo Dawkins tells a joke that Montez Ford and Madcap Moss don’t seem like much fun. Moss and Ford stare blankly into the distance.

Ronda Rousey’s music plays when Natalya enters the ring with a stroller disguised as Ronda. We are shown reviews from the past few weeks. Natalya apologizes to the fans on behalf of Rousey and says that she will hand over her title to Natalya and then retire. Next comes the “real” Ronda Rousey. She will not just hand over the title to Natalya. He mentioned that Natalya lacks talent and charisma before trying to rip off her jacket. Natalya hits the stroller twice, and then runs away.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are interviewed backstage. The two don’t seem to be on the same wavelength. Sheamus hit a slip, after which McIntyre corrected him.

On stage we now see Ludwig Kaiser, who declared the Intercontinental Champion, Ring General Gunther. Ricochet entered the ring after another commercial break.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
singles match
Gunther (w/ Ludwig Kaiser) defeated Ricochet by pinfall after a powerbomb.
Match Time: 3:08

Paul Heyman is now backstage with Kayla Braxton. Heyman wants to say something but is interrupted by Sami Zayn. Zayn reminds Heyman that he does not have to answer any of Braxton’s questions and Braxton hints that if Zayn wins, he will use his trunk against Reigns. Zain says that he will never do this. Heyman smiles and puts his hand around Zayn. Zain should have left it at that. However, he takes the word again and says that he will do it with Lesnar. The fact is that Zayn is angering Heyman with the idea of ​​defeating Reigns.

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Back in the ring we see Tamina waiting for her opponent.

4. Match
Money in the Bank Qualifier – Singles Match
Shotji defeated Tamina by pinfall after Never Wake Up (Cradle DDT).
Match Time: 2:39

We see Max Dupree talking to a man who is not in the picture. After another commercial break, Dupree’s music plays, but again he and his alleged clients are taking a long time to arrive. She is backstage with Pierce again. Today it was the dressing room that did not meet the standard of the maximum number of male models.

Pat McAfee is now standing with a microphone at the commentary table in the hall. He reminds us of the events between him and Corbin from last week. Corbin said that if there was a match between the two, McAfee wished he would have died. But it is impossible, after all he loves every moment of his life. When he can do his commentary work, he feels alive. Even more so when he walks into the ring against Happy Corbin at Summer Slam.

Now Shemund and the Brawling Brute emerge. He is interrupted by Drew McIntyre, whose music is playing. McIntyre just leaves the Brutes behind. Now Usos and Street Profit are in the ring. The latter goes to ringside to watch the match up close.

tag team match
Drew McIntyre and Sheamus (w/ Ridge Holland and Butch) defeated The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jay Uso) via pinfall on Jimmy Uso by Drew McIntyre after Claymore.
Match Time: 11:14

With this, Sheamus and McIntyre are now finally in a Money in the Bank match. Today’s show went off air with Sheamus and McIntyre celebrating.


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