Xbox Series X Dashboard: Comprehensive March Update Rolled

Xbox Series X Dashboard: Comprehensive March Update Rolled

The extensive Xbox dashboard update for March is now rolled out.

Extensive Xbox dashboard updates for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S are now being rolled out. We have summarized all the changes for you.

Here are the most important changes at a glance:

  • New settings are available for backward compatible games for FPS Boost and Auto HDR
  • Achievements are coming back on Xbox Mobile App
  • A new way to manage Xbox subscriptions is coming to the console
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Xbox Assistant app on S, and Windows 10 to be updated before Xbox wireless headset launch
  • OneGuide removes TV list
  • The loading time of the administration screen has been improved under “My Games and Apps”

In February, the Xbox team announced that backward compatible games were getting better with FPS Boost. Switching options for FPS Boost and Auto HDR are now offered:

In the management settings of your game, you can choose the options you want and turn on or off Auto HDR and FPS Boost. As soon as you restart the game, your selection will apply. You can see this by pressing the Xbox button and checking the gauge under the watch. Not every game supports these features, so compatibility options may not be available for your current game.

In the top right of the screen you can see “Auto HDR” and “FPS Boost”.

Achievements coming back soon! Microsoft has heard feedback from fans that the community wants achievements in the Xbox app on the phone. This month Microsoft is testing various achievements in the app, initially for a limited number of players and then all.

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