Xi Jinping: A Digital Speech in Davos – And What It Means

Xi Jinping: A Digital Speech in Davos - And What It Means

Listening to the speeches of Chinese politicians has always been tiring, and the head of state also comes across as an entertainer Xi Jinping Not beyond its predecessors. But when he speaks in a video address in front of the Davos World Economic Forum, as he did on Monday, you should take the time to listen a little more closely.

He eventually speaks for the regime that currently exists. Considers almost invincible And whose next steps will result in almost all countries. Similar to his widely acclaimed Davos Speech 2017 Xi once again made himself the standard bearer of international cooperation, an advocate for developing countries and a champion against protectionism and separatism. But some important nuances have changed.

China’s state media was already preparing Xi’s speech to domestic audiences and sending some “golden sentences” to the censored Internet. This propaganda push would pass many Chinese like many others before; They know the jargon. For Western observers, however, it is interesting to note the sentences that used this time, what they meant and what contradictions they had.

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