Xiaomi 12: Manufacturer shows off mobile phone firsthand, display sets 15 new records

Xiaomi 12: Manufacturer shows off mobile phone firsthand, display sets 15 new records
Xiaomi Mi 12

Xiaomi first reveals a photo of the Xiaomi 12 and proudly declares that the phone not only got the top rating of “A+” in the Display Mate test, but also set a new record 15.

Xiaomi 12 received top marks from DisplayMate. (Source: Weibo / Xiaomi)

  • Xiaomi 12 will be unveiled on December 28.
  • Xiaomi has now already published an image of the phone on Weibo.
  • The screen of the phone has also got top rating from DisplayMate.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi His new top smartphone will be on December 28 xiaomi 12 Officially Introduction In advance, the founder and CEO Lei Jun unveiled the cell phone in the Chinese short message service Weibo.

there she gizmochina According to a poster published which shows the front of the cell phone. A large “A+” can be seen in the background. According to the experts at DisplayMate, the display of the new cell phone June was rated with the same grade.

In addition, the smartphone set 15 new records for mobile phone performance. “A+” is the highest grade DisplayMate gives in its tests. The company tests and calibrates monitors and displays of all types.

already preceded Xiaomi Mi 11 The top rating was “A+” but scored only 13 records. In what areas the Xiaomi 12’s screen is headed, we’ll probably only find out on December 28, when Xiaomi officially unveils the phone. DisplayMate hasn’t made the test publicly available yet.

While Xiaomi is setting new records with its upcoming top smartphones, it is a must Samsung postpones the release of the Galaxy S22,

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