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After a win on Friday, ESV Kaufbeuren suffered another defeat on Sunday. For this Yannick Burghardt and Marcus Schweiger were appointed for the U20 World Cup.

Second Division Ice Hockey Team esv kaufberen His comeback was once again proven: at Heilbronn, the Jokers were quickly down 0-2, but then leveled again. But, as was not enough in the past: Kaufbeuren lost the game at 2:5 on Sunday in DEL 2. After all, some young players have esvk A sense of accomplishment over the weekend: 16-year-old Paul Meyer registered a 2-0 win on Friday against Freiburg His debut, and 19-year-old Marcus Schweiger scored his fourth goal. 19-year-old also cooperated on Sunday Yanik Burgherty Then at 1:2. It was not a consolation in the loss, but the news that Schweiger and Burgert could go on to the U20 World Cup in Canada.

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But the first processing for both of them was Heilbronn. in bankruptcy in the foreground. “It was nice to win against Freiburg,” said Burghardt. “But Heilbronn was a failure. In many areas it was not what we could do,” Stryker said. And that was mainly four things: “We have to stick to our game plan, how do we get along with the opponent. sit down, act more disciplined, make better use of their opportunities and play better in special teams,” explains Schweiger. That’s how the defeat at Heilbronn came about, though. kaufbeuren was better than playfulness and his steep mentality – at least temporarily – showed.

DNL. U20 face play-offs in

“On Sunday we fell behind due to two stupid mistakes, fought our way back, but then got punished,” explains Burghart. Hohenpeisenberger views his performance with a laughing and a weeping eye: because of his role, he plays in it. NS2 But at the same time it is still there for them dnl. In U 20 des ESVK entitled, in which he is the service provider of the current third in the table. “Of course I would like to be in the first team, but I would also like to play in the DNL,” says Burgert. But he believes that even without him, U20 have enough potential to achieve their goal of the season, the play-offs.

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ESVK is proud of the next generation

Of course: because Burghardt and Schweiger are still two games into the ESVK squad, the U20 national team will head to Füssen on 13 December and Canada on 15 December, with the World Cup in Edmonton starting 26 December. “We are of course very proud that two of our players were nominated for the World Cup by national coach Tobias Abstrater. This is a great sign of the great work we are doing in the junior sector”, Managing Director Michael Kreitel is quoted in a press release from ESVK.

Marcus Schweiger’s second attempt

“I look forward to the boys. They’re a great group,” explains Schweiger. Burgert is also impressed by the appointment: “It’s definitely great. You don’t get that opportunity very often.” Schweiger, on the other hand, Last years were: at that time, the World Cup was held in Edmonton, and Germany made it to the quarter-finals. Schweiger played only two games, the rest he sat in quarantine. This year should not have happened to him: “I I want to build on my performance in 2020 and get better,” he says.

at Edmonton Oilers Stadium

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Cologne can learn from ESV Kaufbeuren

Especially since the U20s will be in a bubble anyway, explains Burghardt, who mainly wants to get to the Ice Age and “score some points and make me want to play”. But the bubble also means that the players are nothing more than Rogers Place, the stadium Edmonton OilersTo see – and neither does Leon Dreistel. Not even her locker: “Unfortunately we’re in a stateroom,” Schweiger says. The team’s goal is clear: to retain the A-class and perhaps advance to the quarter-finals. Until that happens, the two 19-year-olds still have to go to the ESV Kaufberen.

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Derby time at Landshut

His last game at the moment is on Friday at home against the extremely strong Castle Huskies. Before that, it goes to EVL at Landshoot this Tuesday (7.30 pm). In early November, Kaufbeuren also featured in one against currently troubled Lower Bavaria. thrilling game His famous comeback quality – with success at the time, as the Joker won 5:3. Schweiger hopes the outcome of the game will be repeated: “Of course we want to win the derby this time as well.”

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