YouTube Mod App Has Been Discontinued – Blame Google?

Vanced wird eingestellt

The YouTube Vanced app with an integrated adblocker will be discontinued. Rumor has it that Google took action against the app.

i wanted telegram channel and above reddit The developers of the Vanced YouTube app recently announced that they would stop working on the app. In addition, all download links will be removed in the next few days. WebsiteTelegram groups and subreddits will remain in place for some time.

Vanced – Custom YouTube app with no ads

Vanced App is a customized YouTube app for Android that adds useful features to the native app. This includes removing all ads, unlocking and integrating otherwise chargeable background usage sponsor block,

Reason unclear, rumors blame Google

The announcement from the Vanced project team is very vague. Unfortunately they don’t go into details. However, there is a rumor in the subreddit that Google is asking to shut down the Wandered project.Asked“Will. It is supposed to be a screenshot From the Vanced Discord server.

There’s also some indication in the subreddit that the app’s icon was changed due to a recent Google complaint.

a. is also a reference to discord March 16, 2022 by the Wandered team. The title is “Important Announcement”. Maybe there are more details out there as to why exactly the project has been canceled or how it will continue in the future.

The project team’s reference to YouTube Premium suggests that Google may have pressured him.

Discontinuation of Vansd Project

The wand has been turned off. The download links will be removed in the coming days. Discord servers, Telegram chat and subreddits will remain the same for the time being. We know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s something we need to do. We want to thank you all for your support over the years.

Edit: As a side note, existing installs will still work.

Edit 2: This is for legal reasons.

Translated from Farewell Greetings telegram channel

What are the possible options?

Firstly, the Vanced app will continue to work. For how long depends on whether or not Google blocks the modified YouTube app in the future.

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However, if this is no longer the case, the Android app can be used newpipe Feather. It is based on web scraper using API from youtube website. Ads completely remove the app. unfortunately there is though No integration of SponsorBlock, As an option, fork newpipe x sponsorblock which integrates SponsorBlock. The only problem with NewPipe is the missing login functionality.

Another option is the Android app smarttubenext, which is more suitable for operation on SmartTV. It integrates an adblocker, sponsor block and logic functions. You can also stream content to the app from the YouTube app (Cast).

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