10 minute workout for flat stomach

Brevity is the spice – does this happen in sports too? In fact, even short fitness sessions can have a positive effect. Especially if you focus on high-intensity exercises and repeat them three to five times a week. A healthy and balanced diet is also important to your sporting success. To burn fat, you have to go into the calorie deficit. This means that you burn more calories than you take in. Tip: Muscles need protein to grow. Plus, protein-rich foods fill you up for longer and prevent unwanted food cravings.

10 minute workout for toned stomach

We’ll introduce you to crunch exercises for your abs, which can effectively strengthen and tighten your core. Do these in a circle – so practice several rounds in a row.

that’s how it works: Complete each exercise for about 30 seconds. Take a break of 20 seconds after the sixth and final exercise. Then start a new round and start again with the first exercise. You pass a total of 3.

Exercise 1: Leg raises

You circle starting in the back position and are stretched out on your fitness mat. Now raise your legs in the air until they make an angle of 45°. Then lower yourself back toward the floor, but don’t lower your feet all the way. During the exercise, make sure that your lower back is in contact with the floor the entire time and that you use the strength of your abdominal muscles to lift your legs.

Exercise 2: Crunches

You stay on your back, heels up, keeping your lower back firmly on the mat. Either place your thumb on your temples or place your fingers on the back of your head. Elbows point outwards. The neck remains long throughout the exercise. Roll your torso up and pull your belly button in. Exhale as you roll up and engage your entire core. As you exhale, slowly lower yourself back down.

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Exercise 3: Initial Hold

This exercise is similar to the leg raise. However, instead of raising and lowering your legs, keep them in the air at a 45° angle.

Exercise 4: Russian Twist

You sit on your fitness mat with a slight back bend. Feet are set, hands are also slightly bent and are at the level of your navel. Tighten your abs and rotate your torso from side to side. You will notice that this exercise mainly trains the oblique muscles of your abdomen.

Exercise 5: The Climber

You get into push-up position. Now alternately draw one leg towards the chest. Be careful not to spread your buttocks too far. One big side effect: The arm, buttock and leg muscles also get their money. And your strength endurance will also be excellently trained.

Exercise 6: Planks

Finally, descend into the plank. Assuming a push-up position, lift yourself up on your elbows and plant your toes. The rest of the body is in the air and is stretched upright. The head, back and bottom form a line. Planks not only steel your core, but your entire body.

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