Weight problems due to air pollution – treatment exercises

Weight problems due to air pollution - treatment exercises

Body weight in women affected by air pollution

A recent study found that air pollution In middle-aged women, weight, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference and body fat increased significantly. How long-term exposure to air pollution changes overall female body composition,

the professionals University of Michigan examined the relationship between air pollution, weight, BMI, waist circumference, fat mass, lean mass and percentage of fat mass in middle-aged women. The results are published in the English-language journal “diabetes care” free.

More than 1,600 middle-aged women studied

team investigated 1,654 womenwho are part of Study of women’s health across the nation Were. The women had a mean age of 49.6 years and were under medical observation from 2000 to 2008.

have been exposed to annual air pollution Linking residential addresses to hybrid estimates of air pollutant concentrations Sure, explains the team. In addition, participants’ body measurements were recorded at the start of the study and recalculated annually during the study.

The researchers then analyzed the relationship between air pollution and body size and body composition. The team also examined whether these associations differed depending on how strong they were. physical activity of the participants.

High body fat percentage due to air pollution

It was shown that exposure to air pollution in middle-aged women high body fat percentage was connected. In addition, this exposure also resulted in a lower lean massReports to the team.

Participants’ body fat percentage increased 4.5 percentWhen exposed to air pollution. In particular, exposure to high levels of particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone were particularly harmful to women’s bodies, study authors report. jin wang one in Press release,

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protective effect of physical activity

With regard to physical activity, the study showed that a high level of physical activity In fact, it is an effective means of reducing and balancing the risk of air pollution.

Because the study focused on women in middle age, the results cannot be generalized to men or women in other age groups, Wang said.

Obesity is increasing continuously around the world and now it has become a global health problem. definitely play an unhealthy nutrition and also lack motion Important role in weight gain. But the new results suggest that, at least in women, there’s another factor. Mass affected weight and body composition – The air pollution, (as)

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  • Xin Wang, Carey A. Carvonen-Gutierrez, Ellen B. Gould, Carol Derby, Gail Greendale, et al.: Longitudinal associations of air pollution with body size and composition in midlife women: a nationwide women’s health study; In: Diabetes Care (published on 09.09.2022), diabetes care
  • University of Michigan: Air pollution points to obesity scale in women (published 10/13/2022), University of Michigan

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