Advertisement: IKK – Innovation Fund: More than Sports Apps: Digital Helpers Against Fear, Osteoarthritis or Migraine

Advertisement: IKK - Innovation Fund: More than Sports Apps: Digital Helpers Against Fear, Osteoarthritis or Migraine

Selected digital applications promote health quickly and safely. If they are recognized, it is possible to help quickly and regardless of location.


April 29, 2021, 12:00 pm.

The digital world is full of promises – also for those who want to take care of their health. Health promotion apps are sprinkling like mushrooms. But not all programs are recommended. High-quality digital health applications (DiGA), on the other hand, can support patients with anxiety, mental illness, obesity, tinnitus, sleep training, migraine, aftercare for stroke patients and diseases of the back, knees and hips and In this way also osteoarthritis. Since autumn 2020, doctors and psychiatrists have been able to determine selected digital applications at the expense of statutory health insurance.

Digital health applications are medical devices with a health-related purpose, whose main function is essentially based on digital technologies. They are designed to help promote good health, as well as detect, monitor and treat disease. They also compensate for injuries or disabilities. A list of digital The medical app can be viewed here.

DGA Abbreviations

The attending physician or psychiatrist will consider whether a digital health application is indicated for the clinical picture. The doctor or psychiatrist then issues a prescription for the same DiGA specifically with the diagnosis. The prescription is then presented to the health insurance company. Alternatively, if there is a corresponding indication, patients can independently choose a specific application and submit an application to their health insurance company.

It then checks the application and finally transmits the required activation code so that patients can use the app. The downloaded app can be activated on the device with the help of an activation code and is used free of charge for a set period of time – and off you go.

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Devices used in daily life are excluded from financing by the health insurance company, but they may be associated with the use of the app. For example, it is a bathroom scale used with the DiGA app Xnadio.

Not every health app is also a digital health application. An important prerequisite for obtaining approval as DiGA is certification as a low-risk class of medical device.

Invirto – Therapy Against Fear

How to deal with the dreaded situations in targeted situations and at home and what successes can be found on the IKK website for free? This article was created as part of the #diagnosenorddeutsch project, here IKK – Die Innovationskasse deals with various health topics.

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