130,000 sheep trapped in Suez Canal

130,000 sheep trapped in Suez Canal

Another drama is emerging in the blocked Suez Canal: there are a large number of sheep on Romanian ships. According to the shipping company, they still have enough food. However, it is unclear how long.

Due to the Suez Canal being blocked by a container ship, eleven Romanian cargoes with live animals are currently stuck on board – according to animal rights activists, there are 130,000 sheep. Veterinary officials in Bucharest announced on Saturday evening that contact had already been made with transport companies for live animals. This assures that “there is enough food and water on board for the coming days”.

If the blockade of the Suez Canal by the stuck container ship “Ever Giving” continues, further steps have to be considered, announced veterinary officials. One possibility is the removal of Romanian cargoes and the unloading of animals other than planned arrival ports.

Animal rights activists fear the death of 130,000 sheep aboard the ship, according to them. “The situation is very dangerous,” Animal International said. There is a danger of “sea destruction for live animals” on an unprecedented scale. Romania should immediately stop exporting live animals and switch to meat exports instead, the organization demanded.

The 400-meter-long and 220,000-ton container ship “Ever Giving” took off at the Suez Canal on Tuesday and ran to the bank. Since then it has blocked the waterway between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and not all ships can continue in it.

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