$15. Speculation on Raspberry Pi Zero 2W for

$15.  Speculation on Raspberry Pi Zero 2W for

An article on the Makezine website that has been taken off the net reportedly reveals details about the planned new cheaper Raspi, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W. It must therefore be equipped with a version of the ARM SoC Broadcom BCM2837, which also includes the Raspberry Pi 3 drive.

This will be a big step up from the previous Raspberry Pi Zero W with the BCM2835, which was introduced in 2012 and has only one ARM11/ARMv6 CPU core. In contrast, the BCM2837 includes four ARM Cortex-A53, i.e. 64-bit-compatible ARMv8 cores.

According to information from Makezine, the CPU cores of the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W should see slightly less than those of the Raspi 3, i.e. with only 1 GHz. An LPDDR2 memory chip is connected directly to the BCM2837 or its silicon die BCM2710. 512 Mbytes of RAM is reportedly provided.

At US$15, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W is said to be more expensive than its much weaker predecessor, the Raspberry Pi Zero W, which was introduced in 2017. As the Raspberry Pi Foundation currently grapples with distribution constraints for semiconductor chips and other components, the prices of some other Raspi variants have also increased.

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