Verena Ofrim: We Haven’t Seen In A Long Time — And We’re Excited About Her Glow

Verena Ofrim: We Haven't Seen In A Long Time — And We're Excited About Her Glow

Verena Ofrim enjoys a yoga brunch with presenter Tina Kaiser and soccer player Connie Lehmann.

contribution Brunch State Ladies Lunch! Verena Ofrimi (31), ex-wife of the musician gil ophrymi (39), moderator Tina Kaiser (44) and jens lehmans (51) Ms. Connie Lehmann (49) invited to the “Cypharm x Lovehealing Yoga Brunch” at Sternberg in late October. “Cyfarm” is the new yoga studio that Connie Lehman opened in May of this year in a restored farmhouse. Guests waited there, including Victoria Lauterbach (49) and moderator Viola Weiss (41) and Karoline Candler (36), a very special morning. First there was a yoga class and then Tina Kaiser and Verena Ofrim performed their “Lovealing Aura Sprays”. One morning completely to the taste of major “yogis”. There were also some men, including FC Bayern basketball player Stefan Hamann (40) and film producer Max Wiedemann (43), Tina Kaiser’s partner.

Veerena Ofreem is a trained Kundalini Yoga teacher

Public appearances by Verena Ofrim have become rare. It’s all the better that we see the 31-year-old beauty again with a grin on her face. Verena wore self-designed yoga flares: “This is a prototype and so far a one-off,” she explained. With her flowing hair and cool hippie look, Verena Ofarim just looks dazzling. With her own label “Anna Trachten” she successfully worked as a dirndl designer for several years. In 2019 she completed her training as a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher and in 2020 as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Yoga and Aura Spray – The Perfect Combination for You: “The ‘CyPharm'” by Connie Lehmann and us aura spray go together wonderfully, because from a yogic point of view, the aura is the radiation of a body,” she explained. Fragrance can be used to influence our aura and our mood in particular. Each of our fragrances has its own special effect,” says Vireena Ofreem.

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Verna Ofrim, Tina Kaiser and Connie Lehman are close friends

Tina Kaiser says, “Connie, Verena and I are close friends and we have a lot in common. “We all combine jobs and kids and value a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. And each of us loves yoga! I really enjoy traveling and I’m inspired to love-healing in California.” Happened.” She explains: “Many people are currently overly stressed. We all need to learn to relax and get down again. The best way to do this is with periods of rest and short, everyday rituals that specifically make us switch off.” So that we can just take a deep breath. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, aura spray or a walk with the dog – everyone has to find their way here.”

Veerena Ofrim Yoga-Brunch

These strong women show their skills in yoga.
© Photocafe / Vivian Simon

Connie Lehmann discovered yoga during her pregnancy

Connie Lehmann was happy about the many enthusiastic yogis in her new studio: “With Cypharm I wanted to create a space that nourishes body, mind and spirit”, she said. She has been practicing yoga for a long time and is a certified yoga teacher: “In 2005, during yoga for pregnancy. I realized that it is not a sport, but it has a holistic effect – not only on the body, but also on the mind. Yoga leads to greater balance and inner balance in the long term, relieves stress and is a great way to give yourself time,” she explained.

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Viola Weiss is an absolute yoga beginner

Viola Weiss was also involved in yoga: “When it comes to yoga, I complete layman, I’ve only tried it once, but that was 20 years ago. But I did rhythmic gymnastics for a long time and therefore have to be really agile and flexible. Today’s yoga class would definitely be a good one for me.” To be honest, I haven’t discovered yoga for myself yet. But I know Connie well and I think it’s great that Sternberg is here now There’s one such yoga studio in the U.S. with a vegetarian cafe,” says Victoria Lauterbach, who didn’t participate in yoga, but tried vegetarian dishes instead: “Delicious, and I think vegetarian is good too. However, purely vegan.” Definitely vegetarian wouldn’t be for me.”

Karolyn Candler was ecstatic about her return to vegan recipes and yoga mats: “My daughter Felipa is eight months old and I haven’t had yoga since she was born. I crawl behind her or keep her around her all the time. am, and it’s for good workout for arms“She said with a laugh.” So I am even more happy that I am finally able to enjoy yoga class again today. “

Verena Ofarim Brunch Yoga

Verena Ofrim and Tina Cassaro
© Photocafe / Vivian Simon

men also enjoy yoga

Also present at the yoga session was Tina Kaiser’s partner, producer Max Wiedemann: “Tina is better than me, but I probably already have 50 yoga lessons behind me. If the opportunity comes, especially on vacation or on the weekend, I’ll come over there.” I am happy that yoga is also enough. men’s sport“Stephen Hyman couldn’t be missing either: “My wife teaches yoga here at Connie’s studio, and I’m also a practicing yogi,” says the former professional basketball player and basketball trainer. We also offer Yoga for Professional Basketball Professionals. At first people were skeptical, but now it has really become popular with them.”

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