“Jocko and Klass against ProSieben”: what the presenters can expect now – TV

"Jocko and Klass against ProSieben": what the presenters can expect now - TV

Luck was not on his side.

Last week, moderators Jocko Winterscheidt (42) and Klass Heffer-Umlauf (38) were really unlucky. They lost to their local broadcaster ProSieben and had to hand the final to their “future selves” in a “worldwide duel” on Saturday evening.

On Tuesday evening, the station went a step further and selected difficult games for the two arbiters. Joko was still battered and on crutches. But he didn’t think it was so bad: “I think I’ll do it more often in the future because I’ll be treated so differently. People take care of you!”

Take for example Florida TV colleague Jacob Lundt (35), who was allowed to jump during physically demanding games. And the soldiers were not spared! A real crocodile sitting in a Florida TV office also had to be used for a task.

It had a cell phone tied to its back that the class was supposed to grab. Jocko said goodbye to his colleague as a precaution: “I must say, it was a good time with you.”

But not only was the class having a tough time, Jocko himself received it badly. During the game “Carbrul Karaoke” he was repeatedly driven into the turbo circle in the car by racing driver Mathias Malmedy (46) and had to play songs such as “Titanium” and “Crazy in Love”, which the class had to anticipate. Attack on Jocko’s stomach!

Then the moderator had to suffocate repeatedly, so that the class hurried to his aid: “Jocko has to get out of the car to pee!” He also wanted to put the cameraman away: “Get back!” A moving sight indeed: Joko leaned on his crutches and suffocated.

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It also didn’t work for class on a skateboardPhoto: ProSieben / Willie Weber

Malmedy had a guilty conscience: “I’m sorry. But it had to be done!” The game was lost anyway. In the match “Runterhausen” managed to drop a pizza from the hand of class footballer Patrick Ovomoyella (42) – but In the end this round was also lost for Joko and Klass.

For the finale “Against the Wall”, the two arbiters had only one advantage. Here, nine tasks had to be solved in the time it took to move a wall from one side to the other.

This involved unlocking the cabinet lock with boxing gloves and covering a total of 50 meters with a skateboard. The team tried hard – but in the end all three had to give up against Pro Sieben.

When moderator Steven Gatzen (49) announced the punishment that had been waiting for Jocko and Klass, they were stunned. He opened: “Pro Sieben is conducting a live call-in-show once, tomorrow (Wednesday, red.) You can ask him anything on Pro Siben from 4 PM to 5 PM!”

Sliding game as punishment

But it wasn’t the only thing that stunned the team of moderators – Gatgen announced the second in their baggage: “Next week there will be Jocko and Klass against Pro Siben on the ice. This LED surface will disappear and it will be removed from the surface of the ice.” will be replaced!”

And Klass burst out laughing: “I’m in a really bad mood because I lost, but I think it’s funny about ice cream.”

One can only hope that everything will go smoothly.

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