“She gave me her blessing”: Ayda Fields Williams shows Robbie without cover

"She gave me her blessing": Ayda Fields Williams shows Robbie without cover

“He gave me his blessing”
Ayda Field Williams Shows Robbie Snatched

Many tattoos can be seen on the body of Robbie Williams: on the chest, arms, only the thighs are not decorated. Ayda Fields Williams shows off her Robbie with a very revealing look on Instagram. Some users discuss whether everything can really be seen.

There’s a new post in the Instagram exposure category. This time it’s British entertainer Robbie Williams who’s “blank” – or what he lets blank. On Instagram, his wife Ayda Field Williams shows off a reel in which the singer can only be seen lying on a bed covered with a sleep mask. The tattooed left hand rests on a hairy chest. The right leg is bent, the left is passed over it. Among other things, the 43-year-old writes: “He gave me his broad blessing that I could post this.”

Some Instagram users are particularly interested about the reel which is the area around Robbie’s waist. Though it’s covered with a sheet, one user writes: “Is it just me who thinks I can see his manhood? Or am I just crazy.” Other users also want to see something there.

However, what can be seen there is not entirely clear. Robbie fans will probably only know 100 percent when the singer comments on her — or whether or not Instagram blocks the post.

Robbie has been a solo artist for 25 years

Meanwhile, preparations are in full swing for Robbie Williams’ 25th solo anniversary. So Ayda may have wanted to divert his attention from her reel. “Rob did interviews all day yesterday,” she wrote. “He’s in bed this morning, sleeping… I think he was still in interview mode. I wonder who he was talking to?” Appropriately, she lined up the clip with Dolly Parton’s hit “9 to 5.”

Robbie Williams, 48, a former member of the boy band Take That, will celebrate his 25th anniversary as a solo artist in 2022. The album “XXV” (Roman numeral 25) will be released on 9 September. It will have “countless number one hits and fan favourites”, according to an announcement. The brand new song “Lost” is also on the record. The deluxe edition of the album will include more tracks. Williams will tour the UK and Ireland with XXV this fall. He recently foreshadowed the tour at an open-air concert in Munich.

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