sarah conner goes to competitor

sarah conner goes to competitor

At Gottschalk’s big birthday party in 2015, the moderator and Sarah Connor get along well.Image: Imago Stock & People / Future Image


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On 11 December, RTL once again presented the big review of the year “People, Pictures, Emotions”. The show was moderated for the first time this year by Thomas Gottschalk and Carl-Theodor zu Gutenberg. However, the duo didn’t receive a particularly positive response on social media. Above all, a quote from Gottschalk against Sarah Connor made waves, which has now been used again in a different context.

December 11, 2022, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hürth: Thomas Gottschalk and Karl-Theodor zu Gutenberg, moderators, RTL Annual Review

Criticism was directed at moderator Jodi Gottschalk and Zue Guttenberg.Image: dpa / Rolf Weinenbend

The scandal between Gottschalk and Sarah Connor

Actually, Singer was supposed to appear on the show on Sunday evening, but he was stopped due to health reasons. Nevertheless, she was part of the show for a few minutes when Gottschalk called her and told her about the cold. Then it seemed like a good idea to have the moderator tell this live what he must have said to the TV crew after Sarah Connor’s cancellation: “It was a lousy year, but there’s good news too. Sarah Connor canceled.”

During the phone call, Connor did not indicate what she thought of the statement. But later he vented his anger in his Instagram story. “Okay, what was that now?” he asked her fan and attached three hashtags: “Old White Men”, “RTL, you still have a lot to learn” and “I don’t have to put up with this”.

Sarah Connor shoots against Gottschalk and RTL.

Sarah Connor shoots against Gottschalk and RTL.Photo: saraconer / Instagram

The presenter saidPictureposition in the meantime. He personally assumed that the composer knew him well enough “to take such a saying as seriously as it was intended”.

Sarah Connor attends the annual review on Sat.1

But now there has been an announcement from competing broadcaster Sat.1: Sarah Connor will still participate in the year review. Not just on RTL, but in the new “Sat.1 Year in Review” with Jörg Pilawa, which will air for the first time in 2022. “There is also good news,” wrote the private broadcaster on Wednesday Press release and teased against RTL.

The show will air on Sat.1 on 21st December. the broadcaster has In addition to Sarah Connor, a few other major guests have been announced, including Caroline Herfurth, Linda Zervakis, and Marcel Reiff., The show is set to explore both “memorable and hopeful moments” of the year.

Jörg Pilawa also commented on the content of his programme. He admits that this year has not been easy for many. but there are many People Given “those who have made our world better with their actions”. That’s why “positive stories and moments that give everyone confidence” are the content of his “somewhat different annual review”.

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