New Pokémon and Picnic mode revealed in the trailer

November 18th is fast approaching and with it the release of Pokemon Crimson & Crimson. To keep fans hooked, they unveiled a new trailer today, highlighting some of the new features.

Famous elements were also reprinted, including superb terracrystallization As well as locomotion through the Paladia area. In the next generation of pokemon you swing on the back of the ie legendary pokemon Miradon and Coradon, which double as motorbikes

Spotlight on Star Road and Auto Battle feature

The Auto Battle feature, which was unveiled a while back, was finally able to be admired in action by fans in the new trailer. In pokemon crimson and crimson Now you can send your pocket monsters alone into the woods to fight wild Pokémon and earn experience points on their own.

The new feature was used in the so-called Star Road, one of the three major gameplay pillars that make up the core of Crimson and Crimson. here you ask team star Have out and defeat many Rpel Pokemon with your team members by using the auto battle function. However, as a finale, you will apparently be offered a classic battle against the leader of the Fire Crew of Team Stars: Mela.

Path of Legends and TM Machine Featured

One of these gameplay pillars is Path of Legends: here you begin a treasure hunt for the legendary Secret Spice, where you face the giant ruler Pokémon.

In addition, TM Machine was unveiled: an entirely new system in which you can craft technical machines, i.e. attacks with resources in the form of usable objects. You can find them by defeating or catching wild Pokémon.

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Brand new development and picnic mode

recently after waterworm shligda Introduced, today is the next unveiling of a brand new Pocket Monster. It is known by the name Farigiraffe and it is not surprising that this is a further development of the girafferig. However, the normal and psycho type combination is retained during development.

Of course, you’ll be able to spend time again with your fellow teammates in Pokemon Crimson and Crimson in Picnic mode. Like in previous games, you can pet your pocket monsters, clean them and play ball with them. However, this is also where eggs seem to be born in new games, which raises questions about whether Pokémon pensions will be abolished and how breeding will work.

You can also feed your Pokémon in Picnic mode, but instead of curry dishes from Sword and Shield, there are now sandwiches that you can prepare with any ingredients you like. In addition, sandwiches bring various bonuses and make it easier, for example, to catch certain Pokémon or bring more experience points.

Last but not least, multiplayer raids, trainer customization and photo modes against Terracrystallized Pokémon were mentioned. You can try them all starting November 18th, when Pokemon Crimson and Crimson launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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