Unreal Engine 5. new video for fan remake with

Unreal Engine 5.  new video for fan remake with

From Benjamin Grundken ,
Unreal Engine 5 re-flexes its muscles in one video. It’s Youtuber “CryZENx” again with contributions to Zelda: Ocarina of Time, who now scores with impressive water effects.

Unreal Engine 5 has been used surprisingly recently when it comes to showcasing potential games or their remakes. Already after “CryZENx” end of May A fan of Zelda: Ocarina of Time knew to impress with the remake, now the lookup follows. The water and wave representation in the new video is in the foreground and “CryZENx” might actually score particularly well here. “YouTuber” itself speaks of “the best looking waters in history”.

To be able to represent water as realistically as possible, the indie developer relies on Fluid Flux by Kristian Komisarek for his Zelda remake. This plugin enables real-time flat water simulation, liquid surface rendering, ocean wave blending, and liquid interaction. A velocity-based convection method for interaction with the Niagara environment and for foam, caustics and waves is also on board.

Also interesting: Assassin’s Creed Infinity: Great Concept trailer shows off Japan in Unreal Engine 5

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“CryZENx” introduces its UE5 demo via Patreon So it is not available for free, but it costs 2 euros per month. Either way, it’s still in early access. Alternatively, you can also do discord channel User’s and download an up-to-date demo based on Unreal Engine 4. “CryZENx” has been working on its Zelda project for six years.

Other Unreal Engine 5 videos we can recommend are Assassin’s: Creed Infinity Concept Trailer from the YouTube channel “Tessplay, which takes the game to Japan in the year 1333. Plus”Revel TrailerFor Mafia 4, which promises a reunion with the fan favorite, impressive.

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