“Bauer such Frau” candidate pisses fans off

"Bauer such Frau" candidate pisses fans off

Eileen still hasn’t been able to win over “Bauer Such Frau” fans.Image: RTL

In the new season of “Bauer Sucht Frau” many farmers (and one farmer too) are trying to make big Love to find. Mathias “Matze” Bittner decides for Eileen at the Barn Festival, with whom he now spends farm week. Although the two already had a kiss, the 32-year-old’s behavior is pleasing to the audience Mystery Because she often seems cold.

Is it just uncertainty in front of the cameras or is Eileen really having a hard time talking about herself feeling Speak? the user Twitter Don’t completely agree – but Matz is apparently determined to win over Aileen.

“Bauer Sucht Frau”: Fan Criticism for Aileen

An almost symptomatic scene occurred with Matze and his lady-in-waiting during a visit to the lake. Here Matze wanted to talk about a possible future together, but a little granite with the project. “Yeah, I feel good around you. Is that enough?”, were Eileen’s words that sounded sloppy in some way.

this is fan Apparently not left behind in social networks, the reactions are widespread. “She might be romantic”, for example, is an ironic comment, while another user complains: “Eileen is having a hard time saying something…” absolutely uncomfortable”.

Another audience is at least sympathetic to the candidate’s behavior, but also brings criticism. Perhaps, though, Aileen just feels swayed by the cameras.

Matez gets on well with Aileen

In the end, of course, it matters how Matze deals with the situation. So far, everything indicates that he can accept Eileen for who she is – and also knows how to classify her statements. He explained earlier on the show: “Eileen’s words are sometimes very sarcastic, They can sometimes come across as cold from the outside. But everyone is different.,

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Last but not least, the kiss that has already happened shows that the two are indeed on the right track. “Eileen has a hard shell, but a very soft core,” analyzes Matz in the current episode. He still has to break this shell.

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