Pietro Lombardi speaks with sad words – ex Sarah Engels

Pietro Lombardi speaks with sad words - ex Sarah Engels

Pietro Lombardi is back on Instagram.

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Pietro Lombardi announced in July that he would retire from the world of public and social media indefinitely after eleven years. “I lack the strength and energy at the moment, I’m just starting a lot of things and then breaking them again, whether it’s my music, diet or other projects,” he said at the time. Pietro usually isn’t like that at all. A lot has happened over the years, the musician said.

Now the singer answers instagram Back with a video after deleting all posts from your account. The 29-year-old writes about the short clip: “As you know, three months ago I decided to take a short break. Many were worried – thanks for all the good news. Before I do a story and just get started, I made a video to give you an insight into how I’m doing and what happened. I’m back and I look forward to seeing you, Team Lombardi! thank you for everything.”

This is what Pietro Lombardi had to say to his fans

It gets particularly emotional in the video, as the artist sheds tears even as he speaks. “Many look up to Pietro who always laughs, who always spreads happiness. But I think there are a lot of things that you don’t even know.”He says in it. And further:

The short clip also shows scenes from their live performances. When the camera turns back at him, he points out: “For me it’s Interview Most honest interview ever. It’s awesome, in fact, I haven’t talked about it like that. from that day my whole Life Change.”

What Pietro meant by this was initially unclear, as the one-minute clip was merely an announcement of a larger interview. Received over 1,00,000 within 13 hours People The post is already marked with a heart. There are over 4,500 comments. Network star Nosy writes: “He’s back. We’re all happy.” Kathy Hummels, Jana Ina Zarrela or Lily Baker left a lot of hearts for the “Bella Donna” interpreter – just like her fans, who are also happy with her return.

Pietro Lombardi feared for Alessio

Finally, on Wednesday evening, a video arrived in which Pietro expressed himself in great detail. In this, he shows himself to be very weak and speaks very openly about things that bothered him in the past or are still bothering him. a central theme Birth About his son Alessio, about whom he revealed new, albeit very sad details – apparently the younger almost did not make it.

“Your wife is lying there, whom you want to help, and your son who is fighting for his life,” is how Pietro recounts difficult moments. Since the doctors had to do everything to save Alessio and focused solely on him, Pietro initially had no idea what was really going on. He continues: “I didn’t know if Sarah would live or if my son would live.”

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After a few minutes, which apparently felt like an eternity for the singer, then relief: “After six minutes he started breathing,” recalls the star. It is after these moments that he and Sara vow for Alessio to be together as a team forever, and in fact the former couple maintain a harmonious relationship even after parting. Relation.

Sarah Engels speaks

Pietro’s ex-wife Sara Lombardi reacted to the emotional video on Thursday. In her Instagram Story, she showed sympathy and encouragement to her former partner. “I think the time you took was important and a strong decision for you,” she began her statement.

Sarah Engels' message to Pietro.

Sarah Engels’ message to Pietro.

Photo: sarellax3 / instagram

Apparently she can only agree with Pietro’s words from the interview: “As you say: no money in the world, no fame will replace the most important values ​​in life.” In the end, Sarah is optimistic that she will find happiness at some point in life. “I wish for you to arrive … and you will certainly come.”

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