Evelyn Burdecki is being blackmailed – what scares her the most

Evelyn Burdecki is being blackmailed - what scares her the most

Evelyn Burdecki went to the police because of the threatening email. Build: imago images/star-media

Evelyn Burdecki was blackmailed: TV star reports fear

A few weeks ago, Evelyn Burdecki wrote “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” made an appearance on the anniversary broadcast of for laughs. There he earned 15,555 euros for a good cause. But with the second question already in place, the 32-year-old embarrassed herself because she didn’t know comedian Carolyn Kebacus. “What is kebacus?” He asked incredulously while entertaining the audience.

But the reality star does not feel like laughing at the moment. Reason: Former “Super Talent” judge is blackmailed. On instagram She shared the drone news and said she was “back” police Why Display for reimbursement.

Evelyn Burdecki publishes threatening emails

She added: “It was a serious matter, because I am being threatened by some cybercriminals! The scam is bad, cheap and funky, so I prefer to report the whole thing!” The news he showed to his more than 685,000 subscribers was tough. you can read there: “This means I have full access to your account. I have been seeing you for a few months.” And further:

The sender gave him 48 hours to make the payment. In the event that Evelyn shares this mail with someone else, a video of her will be published, threatening the stranger. Now she had gone to a police station to defend herself from this threatening news. TV star made it for RTL with. There Evelyn said:

In the post, Evelyn finally shared one of her major concerns: “Personally, I like to shower from time to time and take my cell phone with me and that music to run. I don’t feel like, hey, someone can see me through the camera when I’m taking a shower.”

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Now he has approached the police with these threatening messages. “This is a very, very bad scam, so I want to try to stop it by making it public and reporting it to the police now.” Well this isn’t the first time. In 2019, she already took this step as she received scathing private messages with pictures of gender without asking.


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