Sat.1 Show “All Together Now”: Melissa Khalaj also sheds tears – TV

Sat.1 Show "All Together Now": Melissa Khalaj also sheds tears - TV

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Sat.1 started its new show “All Together Now” on Friday evening. Twelve candidates sang in front of a 100-strong jury for the trophy and 10,000 euros. What turned out to be a karaoke contest at times really picked up speed towards the end. A young talent lit up with such a poignant voice that moderator Melissa Khalaj (33) broke all dams.

The rules are simple: Each participant has a total of 100 seconds to explain to their audience. If a jury member is enthusiastic, this means buzzing, getting up from their place on the wall and singing along. One point is awarded for each vote won.

There were many familiar faces among the experts. So did rapper MC Fitty (46), moderator Nielz Bokelberg (45) and former casting show nominees like “Popstar” winner Sasha Salvati (37). There was also a vocal coach, trustee artist, musical actor and opera singer.

Presenter Melissa Khalaj (left) with Gladys MawachitoPhoto: © SAT.1 / Willie Weber

The names of some budding singers also seemed familiar. Naturopathic doctor Bobby Anne Baker (52) was briefly in a relationship with red light legend Burt Wollersheim (71). On “All Together Now” he tried his luck with the hit song “Handsome Stranger Man” by Connie Francis. Her goal: “I hope to have over 50 votes.” In the end there were only 41. One juror said: “I got the impression that you applied the handbrake a bit.”

Paramedic Ceci Ribeck (20), granddaughter of football coach legend Erich Ribeck (84), was an “American boy” by Estelle feat. Kanye West was more successful and still got 75 votes. The lead lady of the pop band Klee, Suzy Kerstgens (51), even predicted a great future for the young woman. “I think you were born for it. All doors are open for you after your performance here.”

But the high-flyers were still in the starting blocks. The appearance of customer service consultant Esther Nkongo (26) from Monchengladbach was an absolute goosebump moment. His version of the Coldplay song “Fix You” not only touched many on the jury. Presenter Melissa Khalj brought tears to her eyes, with her voice almost failing.

She cried, “I can’t even pass because I’m crying. Oh my god, I’m really crying! My mask is killing me!” It took some time for the hostess to announce Esther’s words. There were 97 people. The newcomer made it to the final, where he competed against retailer Ben Dettinger (26) and marketing manager Maximilian Schmitz (34), who received 97 and 95 votes respectively.

Each of the three performed another song. In the end, Ben won with “Proud Mary” by Ike and Tina Turner. Esther was second. With such good voices, one can overlook some of the usual contributions that made their way to the show. In the coming week, the next twelve candidates will sing for the jackpot.

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