What does the accident in the Suez Canal mean for Hamburg? NDR.de – News

What does the accident in the Suez Canal mean for Hamburg?  NDR.de - News

Status: 25.03.2021 6:00 am

After the wreck of the mega container ship “Ever Give”, more than 100 ships are deposited on the Suez Canal. It will also have an impact on the Hamburg port in the coming days.

In both the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea Currently there are many ships in the langar. Including several ships from Hamburg shipping companies such as Hapburg-Lloyd or United Heavy Lift. On average, they need about ten days from the Suez Canal to Hamburg. The forced break of mega-freighters is therefore expected to be displayed at container terminals in Hamburg next weekend.

Chips running out

According to Allianz Insurance, the traffic jam comes at a particularly bad time: car and computer manufacturers around the world are suffering from a shortage of chips, and car makers have already had to shut down the plants. Now companies will have to wait even longer for delivery.

The ship also had a problem in Hamburg

The damaged cargo “Ever Giving” is managed by a subsidiary of Hamburg shipping company Bernhard Schult. The 400-meter-long and 59-meter-wide ship was unable to maneuver during a sandstorm in strong winds, Off course and run around. “Ever Giving” has already made headlines in Hamburg: in 2019 it hit the “Blenkenny” investor.

Audio: Accident on the Suez Canal – Results for Hamburg (1 minute)

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