Beekeepers Want Their Place – Wear

Beekeepers Want Their Place - Wear

Discussion about school usage.

Apparently there is still a need to talk about the use of rooms in the old Willinga School. By now it is certain that the Willingen Music Association can use a floor. The Beekeeping Association, which will be 100 this year, has also registered a requirement. However, on the condition that the club gets a room which he can use alone. But because the music association offers one-to-one tuition, it will comply with the wishes of beekeepers on the condition that the room can be used “once or twice a week”. “Then we can only find shelter in Musikvein,” Wilhelm Montesko complained at the council meeting in Rheinbach. He could not understand that the Sangh Sangh should be found everywhere, but the other Sangha should go empty-handed.

With about 40 members and about five million beekeepers, the beekeeping association is not an important part of nature conservation, Montesko said. On Tuesday evening in the committee, Mayor Zaepernick said that there had been no talks between him and the president of the music association, Holger Albiez. Now further discussion with the arbitration of the head of administration will attempt to reconcile both interests. Family members also expressed this expectation in their statements.

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