Still husband Julian takes the next step after separation

Still husband Julian takes the next step after separation

Julian and Bibi Klaasen have parted ways after 13 years of relationship and two children together.Image: DPA / Christoph Soeder

What’s next for Bibi and Julian Klaasen? Two Youtubers have to completely redesign themselves in their daily lives, because after 13 years Relationship stands with him love before the end. Both had confirmed a few days ago that they are no longer a couple. Despite the courtship, the two still have a lot in common: they’ve built an empire together in recent years, two of them in common. Children And of course they lived together.

Over the past few days, Bibi and Julian have been able to avoid each other because Bibi was with him before. family and then took off for a short trip Italy, But now that Bibi is back, it’s clear: The former YouTube dream couple can no longer live together in one house.

After separating from Bibi, Julian had to go to the hotel

After several weeks of social media break, Julian lets his followers back on a regular basis instagram Take part in your daily life. He doesn’t even hide the consequences of his separation from Bibi for himself. In his Instagram story, he told his followers:

“Due to the current situation, I will be sleeping in a hotel for the next two days.”

Julian Claeson reports to his followers from a hotel.

Julian Claeson reports to his followers from a hotel.screenshot

As he added, he is currently on a trip with a friend. Another picture from his story reveals that the 29-year-old is currently in Paris situated at. How will he and Bibi deal with their living situation later? Maybe they don’t even know.

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Julian is on the road – Bibi is with her kids

While Julian is away with a friend, Bibi is reunited with her children. The content producer spent a relaxing movie evening with him, As revealed by a sequence from his Instagram story.

By the way, Bibi has hardly commented on the separation so far, instead she posts from her everyday life as usual as if nothing happened. This upsets some of her followers who want a detailed statement or a video in which Bibi explains how the separation happened. However, whether the Youtuber actually comments on the love-off is still up to the stars.


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