Sender announces: “Beauty and the Nerd” has been postponed to 2023

Sender announces: "Beauty and the Nerd" has been postponed to 2023

This year, fans will no longer be able to enjoy the ProSieben reality show beauty and nerd, Actually, Challenge Show is needed on June 2 Start – Among other things, there will already be well-known TV faces such as east on the beach– girl Valentina Doronina either summer house-Star Chris Broy (33) has been observed. But as the broadcaster has now announced, the broadcast will be canceled for this year!

Confirmed ProSieben on Twitter: “Unfortunately, we had to postpone the broadcast until 2023. Like all fans, we were really looking forward to the start. But unfortunately we cannot air as planned from June due to production related reasons. Sorry for the confusion.Fans reacted stunned at the announcement. Some suspect that one or the other candidate may have had something to do with it and perhaps even resigned from their contracts. Because: “Everything’s already on the air.” Must be ready. Very strange,” tweeted a fan.

valentinaWho may have participated in the format as a beauty this year, indirectly confirming fan speculation that it has something to do with one participant: “I can actually throw in jets. I keep telling you, Think about it ten times, whether you go to TV or not because you can’t undo things and I can tell you why it was postponed, it’s amazing. All I can tell you is that it was not postponed because of me. […] I don’t have words for some people, it’s just a kindergarten. The biggest kindergarten experience I’ve ever had in the trash can.,

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Instagram / valentinadoroninaofficial

Valentina Doronina in March 2022
“Beauty and the Stupid” Candidate 2022
Valentina Doronina, "#coupleschallenge"- Candidates 2021

Instagram / valentinadoroninaofficial

Valentina Doronina, “#CoupleChallenge” candidate 2021
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