Giovanni Zarrella: Concerns about the pop star

Giovanni Zarrella: Concerns about the pop star

giovanni zarella Recently he has started hosting his own TV show. He has now shown how much this particular task affects him mentally. Does he break down under pressure to succeed? The worries are big!

high hopes

On 11 September, Giovanni Zarrella celebrated the premiere of his TV show on ZDF. And it can be said without a doubt that the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” gave a real booster to the singer’s career. Moderator, singer, husband and father – Giovanni Zarrella’s schedule is growing rapidly. But being successful has its disadvantages too! In the 43-year-old’s case, they seem to express themselves primarily as a fear of failure, as evidenced by his latest Instagram post.

Giovanni Zarrella: Sad and desperate?

It shows: The singer is sitting on stage in a black and white shot. But instead of moving, he rubs his head lost in thought. And it not only looks sad, but completely desperate too! A picture that says more than a thousand words. But Giovanni Zarrella did not leave it without comment.

honest words on instagram

Addressing his 277,000 fans, he wrote: “The mountain I stand in front of today seems huge… and it’s important for me to tell you this! Whether you’re going to school, studying or retraining, working a job, your Whether living the passion or still finding yourself. There are days when you question yourself and what you do. It happens to each and every one of us! We need these days too! I expect a lot of myself and if you expect a lot, do a lot, want to break new ground – well, something goes wrong or doesn’t work right away. Ok! you should know that! If today was a bad day or if it seems like a rough week for you – you are not alone! But tomorrow I’ll deal with it again. Tomorrow we will deal with new things. Tomorrow we’ll kick the mountain in the ass!”

Wife Jana Ina clings to him, but…

Seeing the singer like this, many of his fans must have been shocked at first. But in the countless comments, without exception, there are words of praise and, above all, words of encouragement – ​​also from his wife Jana Ina: “And no matter how high the mountain is – I have my hiking boots on and run #proudofyou #superman with you”. However, this revelry has a mild aftertaste. After all, Giovanni Zarrella wouldn’t be the first star to break under the pressure of succeeding…

Giovanni Zarrella: “Wet, slave..?” presence on

But Giovanni may be laughing again, as you can see on Instagram recently! Apparently all preparations work like clockwork. “An exciting time that will be highlighted with the second edition of my show on ZDF on November 13th. Everything will come together in Munich. Live bands, dancers, big productions and many artists from Schlager, Pop and International. We have one for you. I promise you lots of heart, love and wonder from those beautiful shows created for Popular person announced. D.Before that happens, Giovanni Zarrella “Wet, slave..?” will be on. Can be seen as a moderator for outside bets. We are very much looking forward to her special role on Gottschalk Show.

Giovanni Zarrella: SO his ZDF show will premiere

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