That’s what awaits you in health, love and work

That's what awaits you in health, love and work


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How will the year 2022 be for Aries people?

How good will 2022 be for the optimist wider, This star astrologer gives a point of view: Lori Haberkorn is an expert in modern spirituality and neuroscience that goes beyond dusty esoteric clichés. As an Astro Coach, Book Writer (“Golden Magic of the Moon”*) and mentor, she advises a wide variety of clients around the world – from family to celebrities and international companies. In the video yearly horoscope, she explains what Aries can expect in terms of love, work and health in 2022!

Aries: These Are the Distinctive Characteristics

Aries (March 21-April 20) take life by the horns. They are spontaneous, strong-willed and unwaveringly optimistic. People of this zodiac like to measure themselves against others, aim high and take on almost any challenge. As a rule, they even master them – if not, they may well withstand defeat.

Sometimes Aries appear careless and annoy their fellow human beings with their impulsive nature. They act from the gut, always showing their feelings openly and directly. In return, they are straightforward, honest and not angry.

Aries offer a lot of variety in relationships and are very passionate. The routine bore this amount quickly. This can pop up quickly, especially in partnerships with other “horny” zodiac signs, but a loving reconciliation rules out after conflict. Other zodiac signs serve Aries more as compensation and prefer to wait for an enthusiastic “thunder”. can be especially good Lions And the protection Keep up with the energy of an Aries. (RKA)

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Monthly and Weekly Horoscope 2022

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All Yearly Horoscope 2022

Here you can see what the year 2022 has brought for all the other zodiac signs:

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