These five colors can have a positive effect on your mood

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Certain shades of paint in your room can have a certain psychological effect.

Amy Wax is a color psychology expert and reports on the positive effects of the five colors.

Pink colors can create peace, blue colors are calming, and brown colors are inviting. Green helps to relax and purple looks elegant and comfortable.

From blue to gray to rose red – the colors in your bedroom can affect the energy in your room. Color psychologist Amy Wax explained to Business Insider that certain colors can have a positive effect on your mood and energy.

May the colors of the pink family create peace and tranquility

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Light reds such as blush, rose and coral pink feel relaxing and give a sense of calm. “For colors in psychiatry or psychological practice, I often use pale pink. People come there to relax. Pink is easy to work with and it’s easy to see,” says Wax. No need to think.” Since many people already have these colors in their closets, they feel physically comfortable in this environment.

Shades of Blue May Inspire You to Calm Down

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Wax explained that blue, teal and blue-gray are the most soothing colors for a bedroom. “In psychology, blue is a color associated with trust. So blue is automatically a color that makes us feel like we can let go of our security. We find this color honest and pleasant,” she explained. You can choose a light blue or a dark blue, such as navy blue, and balance it with creams and lighter shades for a similar calming effect.

Neutral Brown and Taupe Tones Are Inviting


Brown and taupe tones can make a room more comfortable. “It’s a great base color because it doesn’t show too much when you walk into the room,” says Wax. “These colors make a nice background that gives a sense of nature. You automatically feel embraced and at ease.” To achieve this effect you can use shades of brown as basic colors or as accents. Can be used.

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Green is associated with relaxation and protection

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Although it’s not the most popular shade in the bedroom, green can be relaxing and relaxing, especially the gray-green version. There is also a reason actors and guests rest in green rooms before performing on TV. “It’s a color that helps you to calm down and feel less stressed,” explains Wax. Color doesn’t always play a big role in interior design, but it is becoming increasingly popular in all areas of the home.

Violet colors can be soothing and relaxing

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Deep purple tones aren’t always what you expect when you walk into a room. But that’s exactly what makes them so attractive, Wax explains. “Plums can look elegant,” she says. “It has the abundance of a gem and is remarkably versatile.” Even shades of purple can do a lot to create different moods. “These colors are not as difficult to work with as red and yellow. They are also not as sensitive as shades of blue,” explains Wax.

Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty. So using a rich purple can make a room look more luxurious and dignified. “Any room with these qualities will certainly be calm, introspective, and comfortable,” she said.

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