Buy PS5: Console replenishment likely next week

Buy PS5: Console replenishment likely next week
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So far in November many retailers have been silent about the PS5. But the prospect of a console replenishment rises in the coming week.

Update from November 7, 2021: The first week of November has been quite disappointing for fans who haven’t been able to buy a PS5 yet. After new PlayStation 5 pre-order promotions took place over the past few weeks, such as MediaMarkt and Saturn, other online shops such as Euronics, Müller, OTTO and Co. Were able to run seamless sales promotions in their online shop and then again. But this week was comparatively radio muted in terms of PS5 replenishment.

console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
producer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
type stationary game console
generation 09. Console Generation
storage medium Blu-ray, SSD
release 19. November 2020

Are PS5 dishes sold out this week? There was a small glimmer of hope at Medimax on Thursday. There the PS5 appeared in the retailer’s online shop. There was more good news about it. Apparently the contingent of new consoles was not very small. PS5 drops usually sell out within minutes in the online shops of various retailers. But on Medimax you can get the PS5 for a full hour this Thursday. Accordingly, the replenishment campaign has now ended and all PS5 consoles are sold out again.

How’s the PS5 status for next week? Unfortunately, the same vacancy rate also applies to all other online shops this weekend. It seems that shops like Amazon, MediaMarkt, Sat, OTTO, Expert and Co. have sold their PS5 crews. But with the new week, of course, the prospect of a new console rises again. We have dealers on our list that have seen final replenishment deliveries a while back. That’s why we’re currently waiting for a new PS5 console from Muller, Amazon or Cybersport. With respect to Black Week in particular, things should be slowly getting exciting again on Amazon. Because last year also there was a big sales campaign for PS5 before Black and Cyber ​​Week. In the following table you’ll find a summary of the current situation surrounding sales opportunities for the PS5 from Sony.

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  • Current status on new PS5 consoles from the most popular retailers
  • PS5 Location on Expert -> Last PS5 drop on October 20, 2021: less likely to console
  • PS5 Location in Müller -> Last PS5 drop on October 8, 2021: Moderate chance of console replenishment
  • PS5 Location on Optional -> Last big PS5 fall on 08/12/2021: Moderate chance of console replenishment
  • PS5 Location on Amazon -> Last PS5 drop on October 27, 2021: Moderate chance of console replenishment
  • OTTO. Location on PS5 -> Last PS5 drop on October 21, 2021: Moderate chance of console replenishment
  • PS5’s Place in Euronics -> Last PS5 drop on October 7, 2021: Moderate chance of console replenishment
  • PS5 location on MediaMarkt and Sat -> Last PS5 drop on October 28, 2021: Medium-high probability of replenishment on MediaMarkt and medium-high probability of replenishment for PlayStation 5 on Saturn
  • PS5 Location in Computer Universe -> Final PS5 Drop on October 1, 2021: less likely to console
  • PS5 Location on Medimax -> Last PS5 Drop on November 4th, 2021: less likely to console
  • PS5 Location on Cybersport -> Last PS5 Drop on 08/17/2021: Moderate chance of console replenishment
  • PS5 Location on MyToys -> Last PS5 Drop on October 27, 2021: less likely to console
  • PS5-Lage bei Smyths Toys -> Letzter PS5-Drop am 27.10.2021: less likely to console
  • PS5 Location on Spielgrote -> Last PS5 Drop on October 22, 2021: less likely to console
  • Von Florke on PS5 Location -> Last PS5 Drop on October 1, 2021: less likely to console
  • PS5 Location at Conrad -> Last PS5 Drop in Store on October 30, 2021: less likely to console
  • GameStop. Location on PS5 -> PS5 consoles are sold in store only

PS5 Buy: Console Drop on MediMax – One Hour to Hit

Hamburg – Almost anyone would have thought that November is enticing. There was not a single drop till yesterday Sony PS5 in this month. Amazon, OTTO, Mediamark or Saturn – all of them have pulled back with PlayStation 5 sales so far. A very small console dealer has now jumped into the breach: The PS5 was restocked with a fresh start at Medimax on Thursday.

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Buy PS5: One Hour of Fresh Console at MediMax

When and how did Medimax get PS5 replenishment? Since Medimax is actually a retail chain, one can expect the retailer to rely on classic pre-order lists. But far from that, in fact, the decision was made to use the good old PS5 supply drop in in-house online shop. PlayStation 5 was available for purchase around 11 a.m. The special thing about Medimax: Players had about an hour to secure the console from the dealer and not the few minutes that is typical with other PS5 dealers.

However, you should know, because in most cases Medimax showed customers a message saying that the PS5 is already sold out. But that was not true, after enough refreshes, players made it through this annoying in most cases “queue page”. Anyone visiting the Sony PS5’s product page can secure the console, including a DualSense controller, for 565 euros.

PS5 Buy: Cold Rumor Mill and MediaMarkt and Hope for Sat

When will other PS5 dealers compensate them? It’s hard to say at the moment. In fact, there are currently no concrete references to the console at Amazon, OTTO, and company. Even the otherwise active rumor mill is currently chilling. That’s why we don’t expect another major drop on PS5 this week. However, where you should be careful, there are pre-order lists for the PS5 in retail stores. These were available in September and October on MediaMarkt and Sat.

Buy PS5: Specialist sells new consoles – supplied probably from Amazon, Saturn & Co.

© Sony / Amazon / MediaMarket / GameStop / Saturn / Muller / Expert

Such action has not yet been announced for November, but neither has been in the past few months. In the recent past, many branches have started pre-ordering on Saturdays. So if you’re in the center of town over the weekend, you might get lucky and put yourself on a PS5 waiting list on MediaMarkt or Sat. Although this has not been confirmed, the possibility exists. *affiliate link

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List of rubrics lists: © Sony / Amazon / MediaMarkt / GameStop / Sat / Muller / Experts

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