Epson warns of unresolved problems with printers and scanners ›

Epson warns of unresolved problems with printers and scanners ›

Epson, a Japanese supplier of peripheral devices best known for its printers, has warned of potential incompatibilities of its products with macOS Ventura, Apple’s new Mac operating system. Update that Apple still tonight will be made available for general availability, may negatively affect the functionality of the provider’s individual products.

Epson wants to see what devices and features are affected on the support website in the coming days Support for MacOS Ventura (13.x) Brief, which is currently only available in a Japanese-language version but should soon expand to the provider’s English- and German-language support area as well.

Compatibility list in progress

Here Epson has also begun compiling a compatibility list for macOS Ventura, which in the coming days will list all inkjet printers, scanners, laser devices and Smart Charge printers that still have issues with the successor to macOS Monterey.

The provider currently lists a number of typical everyday problems that (can) arise when using in-house devices with Apple’s latest operating systems. Including the following:

  • Users who have two or more printers connected to their system can no longer easily switch printers in the Printers menu. If a printer other than the default printer is selected, the contents of the screen remain blank and several error messages are displayed.
  • It is not possible to address the SMB shares associated with the printer. Related Finder access fails when trying to establish a server connection. Attempts to write to related devices also fail.
  • The “Fit to paper size” feature is not respected after users resize the paper. A manual check is required before each printing process.
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