New IKEA Tradefree Lamps Available Now!

New IKEA Tradefree Lamps Available Now!

We recently received the new IKEA Tradefree lamps, initially available in Austria and now also in Germany.

New Tradefree Filament and Frosted Glass Lightbulbs Now Available

It wasn’t long enough that Karim got away with it Reported That IKEA has launched new models of its tradefree filament lightbulb in Austria. Now models with E27 and E14 sockets are also available from us in Germany. You can order them in the store or in the IKEA online shop.

The smart light sources, which you can dim wirelessly, each have a brightness of 250 lumens. According to IKEA, the glow strings, tinted glass and warm lights are reminiscent of the past. Lamps can be integrated into your HomeKit. Light bulbs cost €7.99 each

There are also two new frosted glass models in the Tridfri series. These offer a maximum brightness of 470 lumens and an E27 socket. Of course, you can also integrate them into HomeKit systems via the TradeFree gateway. The new frosted glass bulbs are charged at €12.99 each.

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