6,000 hours of gameplay at risk after Stadia shutdown

6,000 hours of gameplay at risk after Stadia shutdown

From Benjamin Grundken ,
Youtuber, Twitterer and Tiktoker “@ItsColourTV” may lose 5,907 hours of progress in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online due to the shutdown of Google Stadia. “Please do a character transfer once, I beg of you,” he writes to Rockstar.

For many, the Google Stadia shutdown scheduled for January may be just a side note. The situation is different for players who have spent a significant part of their playing time on the streaming platform. This includes Youtuber, Twitterer and Tiktoker “@ItsColourTV”. He’ll lose 5,907 hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay progress if it stops. In other words: a net lifespan of about seven months.

like pc gamers informed of, there are probably ways and means to transfer progress from a single player campaign to other platforms. The online part, about which “@ItsColourTV”, is excluded. As of the current situation, Rockstar itself is leaving the players in the rain, but interference would still be possible. For example, work io interactive Hitman and . about bungee Actively working on a resolution related to Destiny 2. Other developers may follow the latest with some pressure from the community.

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“@ItsColourTV” is also asking, on behalf of its followers, for a Rockstar-owned way to broadcast progress. The RDR2 developer tweeted, “Please do a one-time character transfer, I beg you.”

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Interestingly, the content creator has achieved only half of his or her nearly 6,000 hours of playtime. That’s because, according to @ItsColourTV, he only plays Red Dead Online. Once he has completed the story, the collection of subsequent achievements is not just his cup of tea. He Expresses Himself on Youtube meanwhile wide for its possible loss.

Source: Twitter

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