Dyson Sphere Program: Automation Launches Game Rocket Launch

Dyson Sphere Program: Automation Launches Game Rocket Launch

These games feel as if they are there and are immediately super popular. Similar incidents have occurred among us in recent times, the revival of Falls Guys and Risast. Now suddenly another rather inconsistent title pops up in the steam chart.

The Dyson Field Program Has nothing to do with the famous vacuum cleaner manufacturer, but is at least technical. This new title is an automation simulation, combined with space exploration and construction strategy. If you know Factoria, you can probably imagine something under it. The Dyson Sphere program comes from Chinese indie developer “YouthChat Studio” and only started early access on 21 January. Since then, the game has been in the top 10 charts on Steam and has already made players in the high 5-digit range, with more than 11,000 “extremely positive” ratings, making the Dyson Sphere program a truly newcomer on Steam. Can be seen in

The game was sold over 200,000 times in the first 4 days. The title is currently available on Steam for 16.79 Euros with a 10% discount.

This is what the Dyson area is all about

In the Dyson field program you build your own galactic industrial empire. You start with a small workshop and try to grow step by step until you are shown the whole galaxy. You create so-called witch spheres, namely large spheres, megastructures that cycle like space stations orbiting stars and tap their energy to create new things.

In order to find suitable stars and search for resources, one discovers a procedurally formed galaxy that combines with all kinds of celestial bodies. Neutron stars, white dwarfs, red giants and more. So that you can move around, you have to build a suitable mecha. This allows you to move in space and on areas very flexibly.

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If you have found the material, however, it should go to its destination, so you set up the transport ship route, then you send it to your specialists. The Dyson Sphere program is about automation, optimization of processes and perfect production.

However, your personality should not be ignored. Each player can design his factory and his balls as he wishes.

To supply with sufficient energy for production, a sophisticated supply network consisting of power plants, turbines, artificial stars and other pieces in this inter-automation automation puzzle is required.

Dyson Field Program on Steam:

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