Now with the roadmap till May

Now with the roadmap till May

From Michael Miskulin ,
There is now a new news update from the developers of Lost Ark. He presented a roadmap with changes and innovations for April and May.

The developers of Lost Ark have reported back with a blog post and are now laying out Roadmap announced for April and May Front. The developers also say that they intend to focus on horizontal content in the near future, giving players enough time to reach the endgame before the Legion raid begins.

The Lost Ark: According to the Roadmap, it’s Coming in April

In April, Lancer will be introduced to the Lost Ark as a new advanced martial artist class. She combines her spear attacks with her glaive and has two skills: Focus and Storm. The Spear is used in the Storm Stance/Skill and bombs a true attack. The Glav in Focus Stance unleashes powerful Deathblows at greater distances. Lancers are the fifth advanced class of martial artists.

Also in April the new continent of South Varna will be unlocked. Only the settlers transformed the ever barren and dry land into a lush green landscape with lush pastures. South Vern is locked up by the Senate due to the dangers lurking there, and now Verne’s Queen has assigned the Knight-Commander to investigate the continent. New characters and new quests await the player here – but only from item level 1340. Other smaller releases such as new login rewards, in-game events, skins and shop updates, and a Phaeton Power Pass round out April.

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The Lost Ark: It’s Happening in May

The developers are looking to release the Advanced Destroyer Warriors class in Ami in May. A massive hammerhead, the Destroyer possesses a range of skills that allow the Destroyer to plunge into the thick of battle. They can also use their heavy hammer attacks to manipulate gravity, slow down, knock, push, and drag enemies inside. Destroyers are the fourth advanced class of warriors.

May also introduce the new parent raid Deskluda, in addition to other general comfort adjustments such as UI updates, improvements to group search and group invites – provided everything works in the development stage. Also, the first Legion raid can be dealt with Walton (Normal and Hard). This Legion Raid is for eight players and is accessible from item level 1415.

Source: PlayLostArk

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