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Leon Draisaitl (l., im Duell mit Tim Stützle) gab für Edmonton sechs Torvorlagen gegen Ottawa.

Leon Dreiszital is still running hot in the NHL. He made six assists for the first time when the Edmonton Oilers defeated the Ottawa Senators. The first duel against young star Tim Stutzle was apparently won by Dreissetel.

After his new gala, Leon Dreiszital presented himself as a team player next to ice cream. “Six points is great, great, I’m happy – there’s no question about it. But two points are very important in the end,” said the ice hockey superstar without the slightest hint of individual hockey.

Germany’s Sportsman of the Year followed in the footsteps of NHL veteran Wayne Gretzky, again helping the Edmonton Oils 8: 5: 5 win over the Ottawa Senators.

Gretzky made “seven in three times”

Only “The Great One” and Billy Taylor Sr. were more successful than Dreissetel in the NHL’s long history with seven assists in a game. Gretzky also won “Seven in One Stroke” three times, most recently in 1986 – for the Olors.

After not being “aware” of the record, Dreissetel later said, shrugging his shoulders: “It’s not something I pay a lot of attention to.” After all the accolades from last season, Drisetal is needed for individual awards, including the top scorer and MVP. The 25-year-old wants to win only one thing: the Stanley Cup.

“Human apple tree”

But the Oilers have to stretch for the big coup, “with ups and downs” (Drasitel) after the start of the season, even as play-off qualification is a major obstacle in the very tough Canada division.

Dracitel hopes the second victory in a row is of “huge” importance, and the famous “ketchup” effect may now occur. On the NHL website, the Cologne native was dubbed the “human apple tree”.

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Kahnun Score for Ayers – Support for Senators

Dominic Cahun also used Dreistel’s “Fruit”, scoring 1-0 for Edmonton, only to have his team win a face-off after eight seconds. On the other hand, young star Tim Stutzley scored his second goal of the season for Ottawa, making it 4-8. Three German NHL pros in a game, “It’s great,” said Drisital, “it was fun.” He is happy “when more and more Germans come to the NHL”.

Paranormal talent Stützle (19) is generally expected to follow in the footsteps of Draisaitl at some point. Both were ranked third in the NHL draw. “You can see that he is very talented,” Drysettle said, “but at the age of 18 or 19 it’s hard to get into the league and play straight away. It’s the best league in the world.”

Draisaitl sees possibility of improvement

Dreistel also had to find his way first, a step back in the Junior League that helped him. And even today he still wants to improve, this year Draisaitl is putting more emphasis on his defensive behavior. “It’s about getting the small things right there,” he said and I think I’ll get better at it.

The league’s top preparers can always count on their instinct to put a disc on the player at the right time and at the right speed – even if six assists is something new for him as well. “Some nights it works for you, some don’t,” Drisitel successfully said.

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