Stoackh: Land supports many projects and invests in expansion in rural areas

Stoackh: Land supports many projects and invests in expansion in rural areas

There is a lot of money flowing into the area from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Rural Areas and Consumer Protection: As announced by the Regional Council of Freiburg, funding of EUR 100 million is available nationwide as part of the Rural Development Program Will be made – a record amount of 31.6 million euros allocated to the administrative area of ​​Freiburg.

2.3 million euros go to Constance district

In total, this will trigger an investment volume of over 235 million euros. In 295 districts across 171 communities, 473 individual projects are planned for funding, with 34 projects in the district of Konstanz funded with a total of 2.3 million euros – including communities in the Stockch region.

Promoting private construction projects

In Stockch itself, according to Mayor Rainer Stolz, approximately 130,000 euros are going to a private project in the Zenizen district in which a craftsman is expanding his infrastructure. Around 200,000 euros will go to a private construction project in the Hindelwangen district.

A grant of approximately 70,000 euros will go to the community of Eigeltingen for the expansion and renovation of the Gasthaus Lamm at Hauptstrasse. There, the restaurant must be “brought back to life”, and the building should also be built into a living space.

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Another 500,000 euros in funding for the digitization of the Langenstein Carnival Museum

The construction of the apartment in Reute, which is to be built in an old agricultural depot, is being funded with around 35,000 euros. In Muhalingan, a grant of approximately 85,000 euros is being used for a private residential construction project, as reported by Klaus Beck from the Accounting Office.

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According to Mayor Bernhard Volk, 55,000 euros will go to Oringsen-Nenzingen for a private housing project, and planned community facilities will be funded with around 825,000 euros.

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Stockach / Mohaling

There is great potential for ablachtalbahn, but there is still doubt from the municipality

Track somewhere?  Tracks from Stockach to Mengen near the Stockach district of Zizenhausen to Ablachtalbahn.

According to the Regional Council, the focus of the development program is generally above the internal development of rural communities and the creation of additional living space.

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