Block Party Launches Knockout City • 10-Day Free Trial to Launch Nintendo Connect

Block Party Launches Knockout City • 10-Day Free Trial to Launch Nintendo Connect

Knockout City, Velan Studios’ new team-based dogball title, kicks off May 21 with an in-game block party. On May 21 from 2 pm to 30 May, 2 pm players can win titles for ten days as part of a festive-style event on all platforms – Nintendo Switch – Play for free.

To give players complete information about block party events, EA and Whelan Studios today released a blog post featuring all new content such as unlockable prizes, limited time events, customization options and more. In addition, season 1 begins four days after its launch on May 25 in Knockout City, challenging the crew to explore new locations, signing season 1 crew contracts, joining the fight in the new playlist Happens, leaps up the ranks of league games and more. The blog also provides an overview of the main activities planned during the block party.

Blog post is Here Can be found on the official website.

Knockout city On May 21, PlayStation 4 will be released for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC On Origin, Steam and Epic Games Store, and EA Play and Xbox Game Pass, in addition to the ultimate members, thanks to backward compatibility for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S. Regardless of the platform, the game supports full crossplay and cross-platform progression. Initially you have access to a free block party. Those who wish to continue playing after this can purchase the game for € 19.99 to receive bonus materials and prizes, including an epic costume, hairstyle, eyeglasses, glider, enema pose and knockout effect, as well There are also three player symbols and 500 holoboxes.

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