Swiss women perform brilliantly for World Championship title

Swiss women perform brilliantly for World Championship title

Curling – Skip Cylvana Around Tirinzoni the Swiss Curlers defend the title of the 2019 World Championship with the color of flying at the World Championships in Calgary. In the final, they beat Team Russia (Alina Kovelva) 4: 2.

The Swiss women were the strongest of the 14 teams in the entire World Cup, with only one defeat in 15 matches. All other statistical evaluations speak for him and underline his great achievements over the ten days of the competition.

CC Arou, from Mel Ari Barbazat, Esther Nyrenswander, Silvana Tirinzoni and LC Pataz, is not only continuing her success story, but also curling Swiss women in general. Since 2012, since the victory of the Davos team around Skip Meerjam Ott in Lethbridge, Canada, the Swiss have awarded only three World Cup titles to the best teams from other major curling countries such as Canada, Sweden and Scotland. He kept the other six with him. The six world titles are divided between four teams. Davos (Mirajam Ott, 2012) and Baden Regio (Alina Pertz, 2015) won once, Flims (Binia Feltzer, 2014 and 2016) and Aarou (Silvana Tirinzoni, 2019 and 2021) twice. Alina Patz has already been a three-time world champion as the number 4 on the team. No World Cup was held in 2020 due to the epidemic.

There are various key figures that show what extraordinary performances Swiss women have performed throughout the World Cup. The success rate recorded by trained observers is the percentage of successful stones. Each Swiss woman was the best among the 14 players in her position. It goes without saying that the Swiss women won this informal team ranking.

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In a total of 14 wins, the Swiss women were challenged only three times – against Scotland and in the round robin games with the USA and the full distance of ten ends. In the remaining eleven games, opponents conceded defeat, often already after the end of the 9th.

The Swiss played 127 matches throughout the tournament. In 126 of them, he did not allow opponents to write three stones (house of three) or more. This shows how much pressure they could exert on their opponents.

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