How much do you need to remove

How much do you need to remove

Spring onions can enrich dishes in many ways. Many appreciate their mild taste. However, there are some things to consider.

You can use both green and white parts of spring onion – also known as spring onion. Instructions in the video show how to cut vegetables properly.

Clean spring onion

To avoid uncomfortable grinding between your teeth while eating, you should first clean the spring onion carefully.

  1. Wash the rods thoroughly under running water.
  2. Remove any sand and earth residues.
  3. Stir the spring onion before slicing.

Chop spring onion

Spring Onions: They can be eaten raw or cooked. (Source: PosiNote / Getty Images)

We explain step by step cutting techniques with which you can best process spring onions:

  1. Remove the roots.
  2. Now cut off the top of the pettis. How much green color you should see in the video.
  3. Now make the outer shell loose by making a fine incision.
  4. Then cut the leaves of the green leaves diagonally into fine strips.
  5. Finally, cut the white stem into thin slices.

Raw spring onions are cut into rings or fine strips fitted in salads or soups. Casserole, stir-fries and stews can be refined with fried or boiled spring onions. But they also taste hot: You can wrap sticks in bacon, for example, and fry them until crisp.

These instructions for cutting green onions The cooking app comes from “Kitchen Stories”. Chefs make their videos available exclusively on – cooking and cooking baby games.

Buy and store spring onions

You can recognize good quality fresh spring onions by the fact that they have long, crisp, light green leaves that are conical at one point. The white tip of the poles must be intact and the roots should not be very long.

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Spring onions have a limited shelf life. You can store them in the vegetable drawer of the fridge for about a week. If you wrap the vegetables in a damp cloth, they will stay there for a while.

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