Emergency patch for feature update 22H2 – the first bug fix in the new Windows 11 update

Emergency patch for feature update 22H2 - the first bug fix in the new Windows 11 update

This is not a new story. The first bug fixes for every update are also very quick and this time the new Windows 11 Function Update 22H2 has been received. The bug is said to primarily affect non-English versions of the update. Patch KB5019311 is intended to provide first aid medication for affected systems. However, if there is no rush, this patch will be installed automatically along with the next monthly update as soon as the next Windows Patch Day is around the corner. But which problem is fixed with emergency patch KB5019311?

Aborting the build process from a bootable USB stick

For non-English versions, the bug is aimed at preventing files that help bootable USB sticks to function properly. A termination is the result and it can really cost the nerves. Accordingly, Microsoft has created emergency patch KB5019311 and made it immediately available to all Windows 11 users with the new function update 22H2.

Minor bugs are certainly nothing new after a Windows Update and luckily those affected have a chance to use an emergency patch to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Overall, however, the 22H2 update for the Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft has been well received in the community. Of course, there were some minor initial problems with this update as well. Among other things, gamers with Nvidia hardware were affected by the very drastic reduction in processor usage. In this case, undoing the Windows 11 update was also recommended.

However, overall, the 22H2 feature update for Windows 11 seems to be a success and finally brings with it some valuable improvements that customers were really hoping for with the introduction of Windows 11.

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