The Trilogy – Fans have to fix what Rockstar messed up

The Trilogy - Fans have to fix what Rockstar messed up

Rockstar recently released GTA: The Trilogy, but there are increasing negative headlines about the game. Among other things, it is criticized that the games look inferior, but thanks to the community you can now change something.

GTA Trilogy: Over 80 Mods Can Improve Your Game

It’s been a rough start for GTA: Trilogy – Definitive Edition. comes from community Due to the quality, quite unfavorable And the fact that games were unplayable for days due to files that shouldn’t be there, doesn’t make things better.

It is uncertain whether Rockstar will operate retroactively on Games, at least to a large extent. But if you don’t want to wait that long You can also create the trilogy yourself – Thanks to over 80 mods on the NexusMods page. Many of them apply equally to all three games and either fix problems or simply make them more widespread.

Among other things, mods allow you to change the icons in older games, to skip the introduction of Vice City, convert money to euro Or just look different.

(They: nexsmod,

do you need some help? We’ll show you where to find all the monster stunts:

Where can you use mods from NexusMods?

can amend exclusively on pc used. Should you struggle with the game on console, you’ll have to wait for official fixes from Rockstar. There has been no official statement on this, but after the headwinds, it must be assumed that the company is behind this.

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