WhatsApp update: Three innovations to come – with one more messaging app already successful

WhatsApp update: Three innovations to come - with one more messaging app already successful

Messenger service WhatsApp is probably planning a massive update (symbol image)

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Popular messenger service WhatsApp is getting new functions. WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg told the blog “WABetaInfo”.

Munich – Whatsapp* One of the popular messenger services around the world. So it’s hardly surprising that news about new works is making waves. This time Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart will announce the update instead of the blog WABetaInfo. Zuckerberg anticipates three innovations that will probably be implemented “soon”.

WhatsApp: Three new functions to be introduced – including a “view once” upgrade

Like Mark Zuckerberg in a WhatsApp chat interview with WABetaInfo Three updates should arrive for the Messenger service on June 3. On one hand, WhatsApp users should be able to send messages that automatically get deleted after a short period of time. This innovation is reminiscent of the Snapchat service, which has been offering this feature for some time now. Photos and messages can only be viewed once after opening.

The purpose of the “once view” upgrade is to ensure that private content disappears more quickly. Screenshot of the content should still be possible. Control over self-deleting messages is also to be customized: while in the current version messages have to be selected individually, soon deletion can be set as a standard option for all messages.

WhatsApp: Messenger service may soon be used on multiple devices at the same time

Had to do another innovation WhatsApp mastering a “great technical difficulty,” as Zuckerberg told us in an interview WABetaInfo admits. It should soon be possible to use the Messenger service on multiple devices at the same time. Today a similar function is already possible with WhatsApp Web, but the update goes beyond that. In the future, one WhatsApp account should be able to be used on more than one cell phone. You can also use the Messenger service without a SIM card or smartphone connection. As revealed by WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart in an interview, the “multi-device” update should be available to users in the beta version within the next two months.

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WhatsApp has recently been criticized for its new privacy policy

In January WhatsApp published its new privacy policy – and received heavy criticism for it. The company announced that it is using the data of WhatsApp users Facebook* and other group assistants. EU users are not affected – the European Data Protection Regulation prohibits this process. Nevertheless, WhatsApp competitors like Threema and Signal grew in popularity. “We can barely answer the questions,” said Martin Blatter, co-founder and CEO of Threema. handlesblatt On February 1, 2021. With the new functions, WhatsApp will also try to win back the churned out users. (JJF)

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