Suzanne Rogers: It’s all because of Donald Trump! SHE can no longer show himself

Suzanne Rogers: It's all because of Donald Trump!  SHE can no longer show himself

In our country Canada Suzanne Rogers is known as a sore thumb – but by one minute a woman from another society, who marries billionaire Edward Rogers and has a daughter named Chloe, finds herself an outcast. Why was Suzanne Rogers suddenly shot after years of charity work? A photo with the former US President Donald Trump!

All because of Donald Trump! Canadian Society Women Were Famous

But why does a snapshot in favor of Donald Trump, innocent at first glance, bring Susan Rogers into the Devil’s Kitchen? The billionaire’s wife, who is respected in high society and has a fashion weakness, was currently in the British “Daily Mail” in Mar-a-Lago in the US state Florida, Where Donald Trump is known to be domiciled. At dinner, Susan Rogers met with the ex-president of the United States and photographed a souvenir with the 74-year-old, which was posted on Instagram without a thought. And already the disaster has made its way…

Photo with Donald Trump on Suzanne Rogers head and neck

What Suzanne Rogers did not consider: Donald Trump is a figure of hate in his home country of Canada, a picture next to the former President of the United States is a red rip-off for every Canadian. As a result, Susan Rogers received a full sweep of a shitstorm. Although the billionaire’s wife immediately deleted the snapshot from Instagram, But photo screenshots keep circulating on the Internet.

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Suzanne Rogers Person Non-Greta: Trump photo apologized after being ineffective

After the rubbish storm about his photo with Donald Trump, Suzanne Rogers tried to limit the damage. In a message shared on Instagram, the society woman wrote that she had nothing to do with Donald Trump. She never met the former US president until every evening and conversations with Trump were limited to a few seconds when a souvenir photo was taken after dinner. Along with the photo, Susan Rogers did not want to make any political statements and did not expect the photo to trigger a wave of false accusations. “I regret that my actions have inspired people to question my values ​​and my solidarity with society,” said Suzanne Rogers in the conclusion.

This clearly did not go too well for the woman of the society: Suzanne Rogers was removed from the award ceremony of the Canadian Art and Fashion Awards despite a regrettable post, canceling the Gala for the Suzanne Rogers Designer Grant Awards.

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