Engine rules 2026: Audi and Porsche getting upset

Engine rules 2026: Audi and Porsche getting upset

Indeed, the FIA ​​World Council should approve the engine regulations for 2026 on 29 June. Re-negotiations and internal quarrels thwarted the appointment. Audi and Porsche are pushing for the green light ahead of summer vacation. The FIA ​​promises: it will be time in July.

The matter was clear from the start: Audi and Porsche would join Formula 1 only if the 2026 engine rules were put on paper. Formula 1 promised German premium manufacturers that the set of rules, which had been discussed for two years, would be presented to the FIA ​​World Council on 29 June. Porsche and Audi could live with that.

Porsche wanted to announce its return to the Premier Class at Spielberg’s home round of its future chassis partner Red Bull. Audi plans to follow suit with its entry announcement a week later. Initially only as an engine manufacturer. The team Ingolstadt wants to take on will be notified later.

At the moment it looks like Sauber will win the race and Aston Martin will be left in the dust. However, before Audi can hold actual talks with a takeover candidate, it needs the FIA’s blessing. The car company then found its own company, which operates the Formula 1 project.

The date has already exploded in Spielberg. The engine rules will not be presented to members of the World Council at the end of June. This means that no official announcement can be made from the two VW subsidiaries.

In Ingolstadt and Zuffenhausen you are panicking. With such a long negotiating period the delay does not have a particularly professional impact. And you want to start over at the end. Now only three years and five months are left from August. Both newcomers are concerned not only with the creation of a drive unit, but also with the establishment of a motorsport department.

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red Bull

From 2026, Porsche will work with Red Bull on the engine.

RB-powertrain and Porsche graded as a new one

The subject burns under the fingernails of Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali. Because the entry of Audi and Porsche is a must for the premier class. This is another sign that the top flight is on the rise. This increases the credibility of the series and will further drive up the cost of Formula 1 teams. Even today no racing team can be bought for less than $400 million.

Firstly, there were frequent delays due to the wishes of established manufacturers and newcomers. It was about budget caps for engine manufacturers, investment structures, test bench hours, classification of newcomers or privileges for newcomers. Now it’s clear: the RB-powertrain will be treated as a newcomer with respect to Porsche.

After that writing the rule text turned out to be the biggest obstacle. Wants to avoid flaws and pitfalls at all costs. Finally, an internal FIA dispute led to another delay. The pressure exerted by his former secretary general, Peter Bayer, went too far for the new president, Mohamed bin Sulayem. Bayer insisted on meeting the June deadline. Bin Sulayem wanted to determine the time when the engine rules were in force.

Meanwhile, the importance of early adoption has also come to Paris. The president promised Formula 1: the regulations should be ratified in July. This was also confirmed personally to the management boards of Audi and Porsche in separate telephone conferences by Bin Sulayem and Domenicali before the Canadian GP.

Audi - F1 Concept - Chris Paul Design - 2022

Chris Paul Design

It looks like Audi will take over the Sauber Racing team.

two companies, two engines

The next opportunity is at the Red Bull Ring at the Austrian GP. Next time there will be a meeting of the Formula One Commission. After that, the World Council could wave the rules through an extraordinary vote. Audi and Porsche will then have to make a binding commitment to register for the 2026 World Cup within 15 days. And the press department could give notice of admission before the summer holidays. For example at the Grand Prix in France or Hungary.

It is already certain that the two German manufacturers will technically compete with completely independent drive units. The technical parameters have been fixed for a long time. Finally, there was a discussion on whether e-fuels should focus on synthetic fuels or allow competition with biofuels made from waste. You can stay with both in Ingolstadt and Zuffenhausen.

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Domenicali recently made it clear to everyone involved that there would be no greater embarrassment for the sport if interest groups didn’t fix it after so long and thus scared Audi and Porsche. . and that’s not all. There are other manufacturers around the corner who are following this activity with interest.

Honda Logo - Red Bull - Formula 1 - 2020

red Bull

Honda and another manufacturer are said to be considering entering Formula 1 in 2026.

Honda considering a comeback

Honda is seriously considering returning to Formula 1 in 2026. In addition, there is a request from another car company on the Formula 1 table. There’s more you need to know after summer vacation. People remain silent at Formula One headquarters. Anyone can make their own guesses.

Red Bull will be in a dilemma if Honda is committed to making a comeback in the short term. Everything is ready for the Milton Keynes racing team to partner with Porsche. It is recognized that decisions in Tokyo always take a little longer.

If Honda really did return, they could go to bed with Alfa Tauri or even take the racing team from Faenza. For Alpha Tauri it doesn’t matter. In its agreement with Red Bull, Porsche will agree to supply both teams if no other solution is available to Red Bull’s sister team. In that case, the choice would not be bad for the sake of choice.

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