Amira Pochar is unpopular among fans even before the show starts

Amira Pochar is unpopular among fans even before the show starts

Not all fans of “Let’s Dance” are waiting for Amira Pochar.Image: Imago Images / Mark Oliver John

The 15th season of ‘Let’s Dance’ is starting from Friday on RTL. Renowned jurors Joachim Lambi, Motsi Mabuse and Jorge Gonzalez will be there again. The TV dance tour, which takes three months, will again be moderated by Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski.

And this year’s celebrity team is already for sure, including Mike Singer, pop singer Michelle, Taimur Alker and Amira Pocher Roerich Gislason as the reigning “dancing star”. Feather instagram RTL has now also published the opening credits for the new “Let’s Dance” season, in which all the candidates show off their dance moves in a short sequence. However, there were a lot of headwinds against a key participant, especially under one video.

According to many fans, Amira Pochar is undesirable on “Let’s Dance”.

Oliver Pocher’s wife Amira can be seen at the beginning of the first of three clips in total. She laughs happily at the camera and swings her hips. However, the commenters at the bottom of the post aren’t exactly thrilled with this opening credits. She fears that Amira and her husband Oliver may take a large portion of “Let’s Dance” broadcast. A user judges:

“I hope the whole thing doesn’t turn into a poacher show. And by that I don’t mean Amira. Her husband likes to use it to bring himself into the limelight again and again.”

In fact, the comedian was already a part of the show in 2019, with professional dancer Christina Luft finishing seventh. At the time, however, he primarily used his performance as a comedy program.Lambie not only once complained that the dance game with “Let’s Dance” should be in the foreground, and Pocher made a little fun of it with his performance.

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Now studio audiences will finally be allowed to reappear in the “Let’s Dance” show. Other users on Instagram feared Oliver would sit in the front row of every show and were asked about the comments: “He’ll then sit there and have his say. Unfortunately, it’s predictable.”

Oliver Pocher has been among the audience many times "let's Dance",

Oliver Pocher has been among the audience in “Let’s Dance” several times.Image: Joshua Samer/Getty Images

Several other “Let’s Dance” fans clarified in the comments column that they didn’t even want to turn up because of the mother of two: “I don’t see where there are any poachers anymore. It’s a shame, but I like that.” Doesn’t support people.” And “I don’t need poocher”, it said there. “Miss Poacher alone is a reason for me not to tune in!”One spectator was convinced.

Amira Pochar Is Already Setting the “Let’s Dance” Theme

In fact, participation in the upcoming “Let’s Dance” is already a big topic across various Poachers podcasts. In Amira’s own audio format “Hey Amira”, she had already revealed that choreography with her dance partner could cause minor marital problems. The entertainer is quite jealous.

The topic isn’t entirely foreign to her: When Oliver finished her first training session in 2019, she learned she was pregnant with their first son. Then the hormones went with him a bit, as he remembered: “My husband dances with a beautiful woman every day” and “I hope he doesn’t find others more beautiful than me”Such were the thoughts that inspired him at that time.

Viewers can probably already prepare for the drama of jealousy after a tango, paso doble or waltz, with “Let’s Dance” it’s decidedly physical. But viewers will also be able to stop it properly: In addition to jury rating, the number of calls decides which celebrity leads the way.

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Amira has set herself a target to beat her husband in seventh place, but in the end it is not entirely in her hands. For the headwinds she is currently experiencing, it could also be a small “Let’s Dance” participation for her.


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